Netflix to Offer Video Games on its Streaming Platform in 2022

Netflix inc., the world’s leading media streaming platform which offers a wide variety of award -winning TV shows, movies, animes, and documentaries is making its first big move beyond TV shows and films, and is planning an expanding into the video game service to increase their subscriber counts and provide new revenue stream.

On a global scale, the video game industry has been around for decades and has reported strong revenue growth which is expected to continue in the years ahead.

Video gaming has become the fastest growing entertainment category with revenues larger than the movie and music industries combined.

Pushing into the gaming world would be one of Netflix boldest moves. The company would be building out its gaming team in the coming months.

According to Bloomberg, the games will be available as though they’re a new genre on the service, and Netflix doesn’t plan to charge extra cost for them.

The world of gaming isn’t completely alien to Netflix. The company has announced a video game based on one of its hit original series “Stranger Things” in 2019.

It’s been speculated that the first games on Netflix will be more like interactive stories than the traditional video games. So League of Legends fans may be disappointed to learn that Netflix will likely not offer competitive games or online multiplayer fare on their platforms anytime soon.

Netflix gaming plans are still in flux, but it is expected that their video game venture could be launched as soon as 2022.

As the company has grown to more than 207 million subscribers worldwide, it has long pointed out that its competition extends beyond the traditional TV and movie companies that go head-to-head with it.