How A Tweet Birthed Jos Investment Development Discuss

There are multiple maternities to a business incubation and execution. Some are amongst friendly conversations with friends, some a panel talk and some, from a long soul searching discovery within us. 

The Jos Investment Development Discuss is one of those many brilliant ideas that were birthed after a few words. The discuss forum which was birthed after a tweet from twitter by one user @iam_DonRep on the 26th of December, 2020. 

The tweet which read, “I’m proposing a Jos Business Twitter Summit. Where we meet and listen to a panel of discussants around business, investment and marketing our state. Plus networking and other business related stuff!” (, saw to the creation of the platform created by a group of young people on the Plateau who are passionate about the socioeconomic development of Plateau State and they have come together to organise series of conversations with the aim of proffering innovative ways of marketing Plateau, attracting potential investors and training participants to understand and invest in Plateau.

Speaking with CRESTHUB, the team lead, Mitong Dapal revealed that the discussion forums are to equip the participants with the right skills on how to tell stories about Plateau State that would drive investments to the state. 

According to Mr Dapal, prospective will get to learn the truth about the stereotypes that are associated with the Plateau as well as understand the government’s policy in various thematic areas.

He further stated that the lessons learnt at each session of the discussion forum are phenomenal to everyone in attendance, as they’d be equipped with the knowledge and skill of how to navigate and grow the business line on the Plateau. 

Reacting to who was a part of his team and whether or not they were indigenes of the state, he replied, “the conveners are a group of 12 young people who love Plateau state and had a “consensus ad idem” (an agreement in regards to the meeting of minds) when the idea was first put out on Twitter. Hence, there is no particular convener as they’re all conveners”.

He further stated, “To add, it is not everyone on the team that is an a Plateau indigene; we just love Plateau and want to see it grow and develop. Our sessions also are not only for indigenes of Plateau, they are for everyone who loves the state and wants to see it grow and develop”.