“But we talk now, or don’t we?”. These seven words have always been my defense mechanism as a person and I am 60% certain that a lot of people also use it when they’re faced with the issues of not fully communicating with the persons around them. But do we really talk? Or we’re all happy little birds chirping sweetly with our keyboards and bowed heads? 

Social networking and instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc have always faced the jury for militating physical interpersonal communication. Some are shy in person but “savages” behind the keyboard; but why is this so? Are we scared of the people around us when they’re present? Or are we lost for words? Or would we be less “woke” than they’ve imagined? What seems to be the problem? 

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Speaking with CrestHub, a social media user, Miss Chirka Deshi said she can’t help but also bow her head when people around her; not because she can’t be present or can’t provide certain series of contributions to the conversations around her but simply because everybody else is doing it. She further added that, she can’t help but just “blend in”, since we’re more millennial than our past. 

On the contrary, another social media user, Miss Rhoda Adu stated that she wanted more of a physical communication than a virtual one. Although she attributed her skillfulness to communicate verbally to the instant messaging app as a result of abrupt nervousness, she still reiterated that more physical communication be made available than digital. 

These mobile app were created for socialisation. It may abused in the present hands of its operators but many have welcomed it as its salvation to the softly hard world. The need for human interpersonal communication has in recent times solidified relationships; although those on long distance relationships seem to be of benefits to that of the internet, a few still crave the humanistic presence of their significant order. 

There is no genuine romance if communication is an uneasy interaction. Be a friend to technology, but try to talk every now and then. Your muse would definitely leave you amused.