LOVE AND ROMANCE II: We Need More Human Presence

Following our past question as to, if technology did ruin the old traditions of romance in terms of interpersonal relationship between humans, we received a ton of feedbacks. In case if you missed it, kindly click on to read

The question to whether or not it did ruin it still continues and we’d really appreciate your comments, remarks and feedbacks after these. 

Our last story had one of the most engaging feedback and one of the most brought statement was the need to have “Human Presence Present” in meetings, hangouts and gatherings. Many complained and made references to the past indicating that they missed the days when technology was just a tool to aid and not enslave its users. 


Running a statistics from our last remark, a significant percentage of 65 were from ladies. Many indicated that technology which was meant for good has now robbed them off the old tradition they enjoy. 

Genevieve, 27, a social media manager and content creator indicated that people are no longer present. In her words, “People now prefer video calls, chats, texting and calls to been present. There are no more dates, picnics and hangouts. And even when there are these things, everybody is buried deep in the colourful and bright screens and no longer the vulnerable eyes of the person next to them”. 

Another lady, Lilian, 23, writer and performance poet requested that the traditional methods of letter writing should be brought back. 

With these two statements and thoughts, one would ask where did it go wrong? Did the social network ruin the physical network meant to be shared amongst people? Or what was the problem? 

The rise of internet relationship is very prevalent in the 21st century modernised age and many can communicate, react, interact and sending virtual kisses and hugs to persona across the globe. Some had found “true love” and thus, had their happily ever after even after many had genuinely doubted the make belief of virtual romance. 

The need for human presence is key. Especially when people are meant to be of like minds, identity, goals and desire. 
One of the most notable love languages as spelt out, is that of physical presence. So where did we loose it? Was interest traded for the internet? Or are these complications mere moving conservation that have been blown out of proportion? 

Technology was meant to aid humanity. Unify them and bring them closer to one another; so if the desire to be together is needed, should we then trash what seem to be our safe haven? 

Love and technology need to find a balance. A place where both factions can be whole. A mutual understanding to the benefit of couples, friends, relatives and the general public. One can’t do without the other in this age and time, or do you beg to differ?