LOVE AND ROMANCE: Did Technology Ruin The Old Traditions Of True Romance?

Romance has been one of the most talked about topics in the world. Following the birth of man, its cultures, norms and wittiness has been preserved, learnt and transferred from one generation to the other. There is no love without the spice of romance(even if it is as little as a pinch of salt), mankind must uphold, exhibit and cherish the validity of romance. 

In recent years, a paradigm shift and influx to the subject matter of romance has been witnessed. Following the introduction of the internet to the Nigerian demographic space in The web became available in Nigeria in 1996 (with full internet access by 1998, and by 2001 there were over 150 ISPs licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) (eShekels Associates, 2001) and a stream of dating sites, a change has been seen in the outlook of the stories told by it. 

Many are of the opinion that romance now, has lost its moral and morale approach while some say it made things easier but a few are indifferent as to the subject matter(somewhat hanging on a fence). 

But the big question is, “Did the invent of technology and exposure of it to Nigerians ruin the one true testament of romance or are we one-sided to the subject matter?”.

Engaging an audience of different classes and ages, the exposition to the above mentioned question had a conflict of interests present. 

Speaking with Mrs. Juliet Chikaodili, a 55 year old woman, she said, “There’s no effort made by the young ones in showing forth love and the realness of romance. Everybody is a guru with the keypad and also, with the new religion of ‘copy and paste’, one does not need to bother his head or wrack his brain for the sweetest words”. 

Another aged man, Mr. Cyprian Sebastian begged to differ as he said that the presence of technology has made life sweeter than before. Calls to one’s heartthrob is now easier and communication has been made effective. 

Now, amongst the two, who’d you believe? Would you take the coin toss favourably or do you have an opinion to this? 
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