WeJosRock Intends to Change the Narrative About Jos – Herbert Daniel

Startups in the city of Jos have enjoyed a loamy for prosperity hence the rise of many offering services of tech, advertisements and loans, the demographic setting of Plateau state has been given new looks on the canvases painted by the men behind these brushes. 
Recently, a prominent name has been on the lips of both old and young. His feats have been one to have preceded him and also, reveal what he and his organisation stands to represent. 

Herbert Gomagallah Daniel
is the Chief Executive Officer of WeJosRock, a 21st-century technological startup that offers the services of branding, promotion, advertisements, PR, research, consultancy, event planning, graphic designs, training, content creation for advertising amongst others. 

His company which was birthed in 2020 has seen tremendous growth and productivity in the areas of influencing, informing and a general image representation of the fertility that startups can thrive in Plateau state. 

Recently, with his feat and glorification which caught the eyes of many, we had a te-a-te with him and he answered these five questions:

WeJosRock, why that name? 
 The idea that Jos city is surrounded by rocks inspired the name choice. Secondly, the idea that people who are exceptional are called people that rock.

You have been into digital marketing and advertising for some time now, would you say that the occupants of the city of Jos has been welcoming to your trade or not? 
 People are very welcoming to digital marketing and advertising. It’s no longer news that the mainstream media is less engaged compared to how it was before. Businesses and brands are shifting their preference towards social media. They’re opening accounts, taking orders online and planning deliveries using dispatchers.

Would you say that startups in Jos have progressed over the years or it has been a test and run venture? 
 Yes. People have progressed in the digital market. In fact, there are opportunities yet to be tapped.

In your recent feature blog post on Facebook, you did make mention of changing the narrative, how do you intend to go about that?  

Writing other stories than the usual stories. There’s more about us as people that’s yet known. So, we will engage in conversations that will inspire people, train them on how to be the best in all they do and how best they’ll sell their creativity.

The world today as we know is going digital, what advice would you give to individuals, groups, organisations and religious houses?
 The advice is for them to simply go digital. If you can’t turn your office into an App that solves problems, you can open a website, create social media platforms, move your office from paperwork to digital submission. Your bookkeeping should also change.

For more information about WeJosRock, contact them via:
Shop 17, PPC Shopping Complex, Standard Building, Jos Plateau State Nigeria. info@wejosrock.com, +2349030062026 & +234703 336 8362