Yummie Yoghurt Made 6000 sales through social media in 6 months

After six months in the market, Yummie Yoghurt has made over 6000 sales through social media marketing.

Attesting to this, entrepreneur and founder, Neken Chuwang in a phone interview with CRESTHUB revealed that social media marketing had helped the small and medium scale business to record an encouraging number of sales, promotions and has also created a digital presence for him.

He said, “social media has given both I and my business the much needed attention and presence. I have gained customers and referrals as a result of social media”.

Having celebrated a six month anniversary of sales on the 16th of September 2021, he further revealed more than 6,000 bottles of the Yummie Yoghurt has been sold with expansions in states such as Kaduna, Bauchi, Maiduguri and Gombe as a result of social media marketing from post shares, page mentions, tags and visits.

He further revealed that presently there is an ongoing social media challenge for lovers of Yummie Yoghurt and the winner stands a chance to win a customized water bottle as a thank you present for the loyalty given to the brand.

This is coming after Yummie Yoghurt was a key player to the “Everyday” couple challenge run by the entrepreneur.