BED Set To Launch Music Purchase App, AfriPlay Oct. 1st

Beat Empire Dynasty (also known as BED Music Africa) is set to launch a new music purchasing application, AfriPlay aimed at empowering artists, disc jockeys, songwriters, promoters and producers get their royalties from making, promoting and distributing music come Friday, the 1st of October, 2021.

Speaking with CRESTHUB, the founder and CEO of BED, Gabriel ‘Elmore’ Hodus revealed that the creation and launch of this app was birthed out of the desire to see artists gain from their craft.

He further stated that although the application will be controlled by his company, there would be a spilt sheet format as to separate the funds generated equally to all parties involved.

The spilt sheet would specify the percentage that would be divided between artist and producer.

“The AfriPlay music distribution app gives u the room to make money with ur craft. You don’t have to have money to make good music n make it blow anymore. All you need is AfriPlay.

“We give you a split sheet between everyone who is involved in the project. Everyone gets a specific percentage depending on your agreement”, he said in an interview with CRESTHUB.

He also added that the gains made from each music is dependent on the promotional value given to it. That is, the purchasing is based on the necessary hype given to it.

“All hopes are high in regards the launch of such a maiden milestone in the city of Jos”, Elmore added