What Alewa House Intends To Gain With New Signees

On Saturday, Alewa House – a Jos-based digital content distribution and monetisation platform, revealed that it had signed two new creatives; the new signees, disc jockey, DJ TBrown and award-winning poet, Younglan would be an additional asset to the label joining Edge Golbador – one of Nigeria’s alternative artist.

Founded in July, 2019 first as record label, then scaling to become a creative hub in 2020 to meet with the vast potentials of creatives in Nigeria’s creative capital Jos, Nigeria, it has in the recent years aided the creative space in Jos through its sales and distribution of various arts.

Prior to its signing of Edge Golbador, its first signee, Adeh Kings was signed in 2019, which was the breakout point for Alewa House, with its tech and music party at nHub and also, the showcase at the Jos Trade Fair.

What It Intends To Achieve

Following its new addition, the platform aims to support sustainable creative initiatives in Africa by empowering content creators to learn, produce, distribute and monetise their works.

The company intends to introduce the new signees to elements that include new media, marketplace services and products, content production, distribution and marketing, video streaming and advertising that would enhance their works.

According to co-founder/President of Alewa House, Retnan Daser, the music industry is one with a startup-driven disruption, serving as a new model for artist and media companies.

Also the co-founder and COO, Joe Heman, revealed that Alewa House intends to be the number one digital ecosystem platform in Africa.

He said, “At the core of every digital ecosystem is a platform business model, and Alewa House has built an extremely robust tech infrastructure to support its omni-media platform”.

Furthermore, Heman revealed that the digital platform will give both Africans and non-Africans a fantastic new sphere of brilliant second to none entertainment, adding that My Crib Music, one of the company’s platform is dedicated to distributing the most engaging and original content that covers media and entertainment from both Alewa House creators and notable third-party partners.

In addition to the aforementioned statement, Retnan revealed that the platform will continually delight both the creators and users in new ways.

He said, “The platform will continue to delight both the creators and users in new ways, and with innovative cutting-edge entertainment videos, art, stories and music, as well as so many breaking content from across Africa. Many people and their families visit the site multiple times a day”.