Why You Should Give Up in Life.

All my life, I have been advised never to give up! My family and friends will always say, “You almost there! Never give up”.

When I visit youtube and click on one of those motivational channels, I still hear the same sentence, over and over again. “Don’t give up”!

Are they right? Well, for the most part, yes.

My loved ones who have been advising me to not give up are right – ofcourse they want to see me succeed.

The motivational speakers behind those videos on youtube are right too. He or She believes that if I can keep on fighting, I will get to the peak of my goals.

However what these set of persons has failed to tell me for once is that I should

“Give up to go up”!

Yes! You heard me right.

The 21st century is moving at the speed of light.

Social media is influencing our way of lives.

Majority of us wants to be rich and yet, we are not willing to give up!

We want to have achieve mastery in our different career paths, yet we don’t want to give up!

But what should we actually give up on?

Give up on Procrastination:

Nothing kills time more than procrastination. Day by day, people miss life – changing opportunities, just because they couldn’t push themselves into doing the right thing at the right time.

“I knew I had achieved Mastery in Procrastination when I started Procrastinating “having fun”.

Let’s say I want to see a movie that spans the period of 4pm – 6 pm, I do be on my phone chatting or surfing the web for that exact period. Then by 6pm when I ought to have rounded off the movie in order to go do something productive, then I will start seeing the movie, hence wasting more productive time.

Give up on the Wrong Mindset:

 Mindset affects every part of our lives. There is a popular saying that states

 “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”.

Be optimistic about life while having a realistic projections.

No one gets to the top by being a pessimist. They believed in the possibility of something.

Give up on being Selfish:

“The Gift of a man maketh way for him”

Learn to give without having a selfish reasons attached to it.

This is the basics of networking. If you are heading up, you will have to network your way up.

Networking is more about giving than bragging about your qualifications and achievements.

Serve selflessly.

Give without expectations.

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Give up on Distractions

In  a distractive world like ours, maintaining your focus has been a herculean task.

We are so glued to our phones, internet or trending topics that we have lost sight of our ‘focus’.

Learn to condition your mind into focusing on the task at hand.

The ability to concentrate on one task is a super power in 21st century.

We all have different vices that has been hindering our progress in life. Each vice is like a weight inside our luggage. The higher the weight, the slower our up thrust movement.

We must give up to go up!

Johnpaul Nwobodo

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