Cryptocurrency Gives Freedom and Power to the People – Kristen Haruna

Like every Nigerian youth who was “tired” of the situation around and wanted a difference, Kristen Laitu Haruna checks all those boxes.

The former broadcast intern/media personality, poet and art enthusiast was a one time waitress who did ‘seize’ an open conversation concerning bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency and became one of the best crypto traders in Sokoto – while serving her Fatherland.

In a recent chat with CRESTHUB, Ms. Haruna demystified the thoughts, concerns and worries around one of the most talked about subject matters in and around the country, that is, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading. She further gave clarity on the near money or digital asset which is based and built across a large number of interconnected computers and is poised to be a decentralised form of currency and cannot be controlled by government or central authorities, which makes it solely in the hands of the people and thereby determined by the market forces of demand and supply.

Cryptocurrency seems to be an evolutionary movement for young people, can you please tell us your little crypto story? That is your journey into Cryptocurrency.

I was working at a restaurant as a waitress during my NYSC in sokoto. One evening, these young men walked and I happened to be the one serving them. I overheard them talking about bitcoin. Of course, I was already tired of my “job” and tired of sokoto as a whole. My instincts were “go and talk that guy. You know you are interested”. It took me a lot of guts to walk up to a total stranger. Long story short, I ended up working for the only cryptocurrency company in Sokoto. Became their instructor/trainer. Today, I am working hard to create a centre where bitcoin/cryptocurrency adoption will be learnt by everyone in the North Central, Nigeria. It is safe to say that bitcoin/cryptocurrency is my life saver

Lately, there have been multiple benefits in Cryptocurrency, what are those benefits?

There are many benefits of cryptocurrency trading but I’m going to give you just five major benefits;

1. Security: Blockchain – The open ledger is a phenomenal technology that holds transactions that cannot be forged or tampered with..unlike what we have in the bank. Transactions on the crypto currency space is totally transparent.

2. Zero Restrictions: Noody can tell me how much I can transfer or question what I do with my money. You don’t get that with the traditional banking system. I can transfer money to anyone and anywhere as I will.

3. Fast: Transactions are faster than lightning. Depending on the Blockchain the coin is built on, in seconds millions of transaction is done all over.

4. It is the best investment option ever. The system comes with absolutely financial freedom.

5. Opens doors to better employment and better/deserving pay.

In regards to the criticisms around Cryptocurrency, on it been an ill trade, how best can you address that?

Ill trade in what sense? When you take power away from those in power they’d label whatever you do illegal or scam. Ill trade? It isn’t the cryptocurrency traders or investors that are mismanaging funds and neglecting their responsibilities. People are making honest living from a financial system that defines truly what democrat is and should. It is the people’s money. Cryptocurrency gives freedom and power to the people.

What are your thoughts on the ban on crypto in Nigeria?

The government stops the people from digital currency only to launch its own digital currency. Big joke. Same government doing what it says the citizen shouldn’t be involved in; that seems manipulative to me.

People believe it’s best to save in crypto than naira, is that a safe bet for people or based on their perception?

Two people should do this: One should save in crypto for a year and the other should save in naira, at the end of the year we should be able to get our answer. But this, I don’t see any reason why I have to be charged for another person to keep my own money; if charging me was all that would be okay but I save money to be used for a purpose and after a specific time I can’t use the money due devaluation, it doesn’t make sense. But with Crypto, as long as you are saving or investing in a solid project you can never be at loss. Check the history of Bicoon.

How does one purchase coins? What are the best times to do so?

Best time to buy a coin is when It is undervalued. I’ll give you an example: The price of land in undeveloped area is cheaper than the prices of land in developed areas.A smart investor will buy acres of land in an undeveloped area hold it for a couple of years till the place get developed then sell it at a higher price. It is the same with Crypto. Bitcoin is like a developed community. What a lot of people don’t know is that , if your capital is little, it is way smarter to buy a coin that’s is undervalued and it mustn’t necessarily be bitcoin. And for where to buy a coin? In a marketplace. We call our marketplace Exchanges, there you can buy and sell Crypto.