Is My Computer Smarter Than I Am?

Most times I wonder just how quickly the internet responds to me whenever I Google search a particular thing.

Although computers are just devices, they provide answers to a million questions asked online everyday. Despite the fact that these devices are man made, is it safe to say that they are way smarter than we are?

The answer is definitely complex!

Our devices are made up of large storage capacity/ memory which no human could possibly have. They also learn and process faster than the average human being and have a very unique skill set.

They do not get tired and do not require sleep the way humans do. This means they can calculate, analyze and perform tasks tirelessly both day and night.

Since the mid-20th century, scientists have been fascinated by the idea of machines that are capable of independent thinking and learning. Over the past few decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most fascinating inventions around the world and everyone is talking about it.

AI has found its way into most of our day-to-day activities from text, to images and even facial and speech recognition. Most western countries are familiar with the popular voice assistant- ‘Alexa’.

Many people argue that the computer cannot operate without being programmed and given a specific set of instructions to follow, meaning it is completely dumb without a master, and majority say otherwise.

Research shows that many scientists believe that not only will AI catch up with human beings in a few years to come but that after computers reach our level of intelligence, they will soon surpass us.

They would have such enormous advantages including memory, the ability to multitask and a knowledge base that includes all of the information the internet has to offer.

The human brain is subject to biology, but scientists believe that the computing system of the future will not be subjected to any form of limitation.

Despite all mentioned above, humans still have a sense of superiority over this round- the- clock and genius machines in many ways.

Humans have the capacity to think and make certain decisions for themselves, use their instincts to follow a certain path, and even posses what we term- ‘common sense’.

It is human creativity that makes up everything seen and established in our computers. It can be programmed with vast libraries of information, but they can never have the experience of life like we humans do.

Computers can’t really think, they store whatever information is put into them and that’s what they recall to continuously operate effortlessly.

Although, computers have evolved and come a long way through emerging and highly sophisticated technologies, it still has it’s dangers and flaws.

Artificial Intelligence shouldn’t get to the point where it begins to control humans and not the other way around. It is believed that in the next century to come, computers will begin to live like humans and do literally almost everything an average human does.

This could happen eventually, but it is not a competition between man and machine but rather a collaboration between both.

Ultimately, this question still has so many different answers to it. But what do you think? Are computers smarter than we are?