How Zhibo Digital is Creating Digital Experience for Brands

In today’s world, marketing has changed from what it used to be — traditional marketing, to digital marketing, so it is important for businesses to tap into the new change and build solid digital platforms for promoting their brands.
To be able to achieve this, businesses need the help of experts and professional agencies like Zhibo Digital that will help them leverage digital tools available for effective branding and brand promotion.

Made up of a team of creative people, Zhibo Digital focuses on utilizing digital marketing skills and resources to solve brands problems and to help make ideas a reality by telling good stories.

CrestHub’s Cynthia Chukwuma had a conversation with the Growth Lead of the agency on how their growth experience has been.

What is Zhibo Digital?

Zhibo Digital is a digital marketing agency that is designed to provide exciting digital experience for brand and clients by leveraging digital marketing strategies and tools.

We are also interested in thought leadership, so we keep a podcast and a blog where we share ideas on how individuals can build their brands.

What inspired it? The story behind it?

#DS4SG: We Hosted a Digital Marketing Bootcamp ZHIBO Digital Podcast

To cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on employment in Jos, Nigeria. We hosted a three-week digital marketing Bootcamp to equip young persons with digital skills that they can leverage for the future of work. The curriculum which was made up of 10 modules covering digital storytelling, search engine optimization, website design, email marketing, media buying, social media management amongst others had five digital marketing professionals as facilitators. In this episode, Johnstone sits with two of the participants, Agnes Onyekwere and Gideon Shekwonugaza to discuss their learning experience and what's the way forward for them. — Send in a voice message:
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What problem are you solving?

We are solving the marketing needs of our clients to enable them gain visibility and sales.

How do you intend achieving that?

We are already doing it, we’ve been in business for over two years now. So, basically, we work with brands especially small and medium businesses through content marketing, social media management, cooperate branding, web design, online radio hosting amongst others.

Does your agency target a particular group? or is it for everyone?

We work with every individual and brand that seeks to build and manage their online visibility and reputation.

As a Nigerian digital agency, what challenges do you face?

Hmm. I really can’t think of any at the moment.

Any big (upcoming) news for your readers/users?

Yay! We are collaborating with Search for Common Ground and ConnexUs to build together, an intense bootcamp on digital marketing and website design for twenty people who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more info visit:

How has the journey been so far?

It’s been an amazing journey, we have had loads of growth as a brand. There were moments we had to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Are you seeking to expand?

Expand? In what way?

Like adding more features to what you already do or reaching a wider global audience or building an app for all users or clients.

Expansion, yeah. It comes with growth. We are entering a partnership with a local web hosting company. Through the partnership, we’ll get to host our clients websites on a cheaper rate.
For content marketing, we also hope to create a content management system that organizations can use to enable ease while they work on daily tasks.

Where do you see your agency in 2030?

2030? Less than nine years from now. We look forward to converting the Digital Skills for Social Good Bootcamp to an Academy were we’ll have a faculty that will invest in teaching people who are interested in learning about our thematic areas. Possibly, we will affiliate with an institution that will certify or award degrees in digital marketing to the participants.

Thought leadership is one of the things we do, and before then, we hope to have created a standard platform were people can come and share innovative ideas.

And yeah, we must have had access to more clients than we have at the moment. So, we’ll expand our team to also help in the reduction of the unemployment rate in the country.