So you have spent a minimum of 4 years at the university and you are done. What happens next? Well to some, ‘Job hunting’ is probably the right answer while others who have prepared their entrepreneurial bed while still in school will go ahead and continue from where they stopped.

With the current state of our economy in Nigeria, finding a job seems to be harder that tolling a camel across the eye of a needle. Our environment seems to hinder our growth. But do not worry, because, with the existence of tools such as the internet and smartphone, you now have a great edge of starting up a business unlike in the past.

Today I will be showing you online businesses you can start with no cash. It’s worthy to note that there are no such things as free food in its entirety, you will have to invest your time, skill or your talent


Do you know that most reputable organization outsource certain works like Graphic Design, Business Writing, Advertorial Video making, Creative writing, Data processing to freelancers? Well, you might be wondering the medium through which they do this. They do this through a reputable freelancing site like,,… etc. You can sign up for this sites for free in order to market your skill and start earning.

My Cent Advice: Learn more about this platforms before signing up with them, as it will enable you to succeed in them.


Middle Man Reselling:

 Well, I have seen a whole lot of people make six figures through this method. How did they go about it? All that is needed is just your smartphone with a good camera enough to display your goods to your prospective clients. Pick a product you want to sell, then go to the retail shop that has the product you want to sell, bargain with them for a favourable price, take a picture of the product and then market them through your social media channels like facebook page and  Instagram, however if you cannot spare at least $3 for Facebook Ads, you can make use of free classified advertising websites like, for more exposure to prospective client. You do not necessarily need to have the product in your possession; you can always go back to the retailer to get it for your clients.


I do not need to emphasize so much on this, this is because a lot of people have worked their way to the top through blogging quality content. News Flash: Blogging is not an easy way to make money, but it definitely yields good returns.

With just a click on, you can sign up for free and start blogging right away. It is advisable for you to have a specific niche that you blog about, preferably something you are passionate about.

Blogging takes time, so you really have to give in your time for it to be a success.


Only a few persons have come in contact with this. The current trend in the cryptocurrency industry enables to earn free cryptocurrency by just writing an article. You will be rewarded base on the number of upvotes you get from other users. Users that received votes from other users with high voting powers have higher rewards. The only available cryptocurrency platforms that offer this service is

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