Small business unlike big businesses, is quite easy to manage from the onset, but as  progress is been made, a lot of paper works begins to pile up, so much client’s need to be met and of course, you have got to keep up with your financial accounting, less you slip back to the genesis of your journey.

As Robert .T. Kiyosaki once said, “ a lot of business are suffering from financial cancer because the owners lack the ability to read and manage their financial accounting sheet”.

Today, we have decided to dig through some of the Best accounting apps for small business. One superb thing about this accounting app is that they are simple and easy to use. With this accounting app, you worry less about your financial paperwork and focus on other parts of your business.


While having its company motto as “ pursue your passion, we will handle the paperwork”, quickbook is rated as one of the best accounting apps for managing your business, with a whopping review of  4.5 stars according to the maverick merchant.

It offers a 30days trial and is super affordable, with different paying plan to help meet your needs. Quickbook has desktop app for windows and mac, it also available for download on iPhone,iPad, and Android ( version 4.1 and above)


YNAB(You Need a Budget)

Every type of business both small and big, ride o budget in order to stay on course. With YNAB, you can easily set up a budgeting system. This financial app gives you a 34 days trial for testing purposes, you can also connect this app to your bank account for easy budgeting. According to its maker company, this app is designed to help you live on last month’s income.


With the current transition of the paper transaction to a digital form, expensify aims to help you keep track of your expenses, thus relieving you of the stress of much paperwork. This financial application can be linked to your credit card to track your expenses. However, when it comes to that requires a paper invoice, you can easily take pictures of your invoice and the application will automatically extract the necessary information about your transaction and record your expenses.


What more can I say about an app that helps you to send a professional invoice to your client with just a click. Well that is ZOHO app

An accounting app totally made for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It helps you manage your entire project from one place. It is available for download for both android and windows.

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