If Technology Causes Mental Issues Can It Also Serve as A Form Of Therapy?

People are more connected more than ever thanks to the rapid advancements in digital technologies but this growth has also contributed to several serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

According to Anxiety.org, researchers found that excessive Smartphone use is “associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as increased stress.”

While not all mental health concerns among young people can be linked to technology, a vast majority are affected by it.

For examples, these days it seems we practically live our lives on the internet and social media has caused a lot of people to sink into depression as we are constantly looking for affirmation, and consciously or not comparing our lives to that of others. As a result we fail to live happily and enjoy what’s in the moment.

Now is it possible for this dilemma that causes mental disorders to still play a role in therapy? Yes, it is!

The practice of therapy is rooted in interpersonal communication and thus the modern forms of technology that facilitate communication through interaction with video, audio or text has gradually begun to lend itself well into the field of medical practice.

There are currently over one thousand mobile apps devoted to curbing mental health issues. These apps allow people who are hesitant to seek face-to-face services to find help mostly anonymously.

Telehealth which is using technology to consult with mental health care providers via phone or video chat has been beneficial to a lot of people and the cost of services is relatively low and this assists persons who cannot afford to see a mental health professional in person.

One good example of Telehealth provision is the Moodfit free mental health app. The tools of this app are designed in such a way to shape and improve an individual’s mood. It assists in understanding a person’s feelings especially that of anxiety, depression and extreme high levels of stress and it teaches a person new new skills that improves ones general overall mental state every day.

Others are MoodMission, Talkspace, PsyndUp, Calm and many more.

Technology in improving mental health is still relatively new. Although it may provide a number of opportunities it still has its limitations. Being engaged with the right tech medium for mental health growth is as important as breathing healthily every day.