How YOUID Is Helping Nigerians Store and Protect their Identity Online

The internet has now become a national asset thanks to the rapid technological growth and development in vast areas for different organizations and institutions who use it to store a huge amount of data belonging to different individuals.

But these new technologies have also brought about the unprecedented threat of cybercrime and the increase of cybercriminals lurking everywhere.

Cybercriminals are individuals or teams of people who use technology to commit malicious activities on digital systems with the intention of stealing sensitive information or personal data belonging to individuals or organizations to generate profit.

Advancements in technology require individuals to create or have various digital identities in order to access certain things like mobile apps, websites, credentials and the likes. And these details sometimes can be compromised if not stored properly, thus giving these criminals a smooth way to get your data.

Identity management for Nigerians has been provided with a better solution through the YOUID all-in-one-digital app. It a secure digital wallet that allows you safely store your personal information in encrypted format.

The app is designed in such a way to ease our daily living, as most of us always find ourselves moving with important documents and having to forget certain passwords and is a big concern for many.

The YOUID app is also equipped to help businesses gather and review their customers’ data and KYC information easily without having to make them fill out certain forms which can be very tasking.

 The app also contains a feature that alerts users when their passwords have been breached or credentials breached to a third party, thus, it constantly watches out for the safety of data stored in it at all time.

YOUID also provides a robust marketplace for users where they can access and secure the best deals from verified and trusted merchants from all over.