How To Create Organic Audience As Artists

Like many necessary discussed topics such as health, digital technology, money, love, education and religion, artistry always has a place on such tables. It has hosted a panel of discussants ranging from music executives, fans, marketers and even the artists alike. Many have always wanted to talk, act, benefit and rule the artistic world, its sphere and everything surrounding it.  
The artistry business also in recent years have pricked quite a number of thoughts. Young creative and upcoming acts have believed in the need for a virtual audience; one carved out of multiple streams, online sells of merchandise, events, sponsored ads and the digital make belief they’re forced to become as Abraham in. All these are good but would you have 5 million Audiomack streams and no sing-along at your concert? 

Recently, Afro centric gospel artist, Limoblaze released his album, God’s Favourite Baby (you could listen to it on and had celebrated a milestone of success following the release of the album. The superstar further said that he never spent a penny on promotion and celebrated his songs been on the Top Christian Album charts on Spotify, Top Two Songs in Namibia, Top 200 albums in the country on Apple Music and Top 10 Christian albums on Apple Music. This would definitely be regarded as a jaw dropper, judging that the artist is an independent artist. Not under a label, management or artistic discipline. In his words, “Just me, my God and my music”; but the real truth was that he had an organic audience, something referred to as a physical fan base. People presently present in his music. 


Organic audiences do not just spring up overnight. They do not just pop up and knock on your doors indicating interest to your music. You earn them.

One of the ways of growing an audience is having an internet presence. In one of our recent posts, we had made mention of the need to have an internet presence as an artist(in case you missed it, kindly read here). The world in the digital age is ever changing. With new ideas to think and create, one of the most major key things is your present. How present are you? What social media platforms are you on? What do you do on them? Are you a six month present, two years absent artists or what’s your plan for your presence on the digital space? 

Also, SEOs are lifesavers. Your search engine optimization is key to your growing of an organic audience as an artist. This is a huge frontier to your promotion as well. During the pandemic era of 2020, songs such as Bop Daddy by Falz, Duduke by Simi, just to mention a few were visit on social networking sites and content communities as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Another way to hence boost your SEO is uploading your lyrics. Many songs today are just on either on a a downloadable or streaming platform, no form of lyricism is attached to it. One of the best places to upload your lyrics is on Genius. That helps your fans to lip synch and also, know what they’re singing. 

Furthermore, the need to have a  repurposed content across multiple platforms aids in your grooming and growing of an organic audience. Have your music out there, even the beats for people who wish to freestyle, cover and maybe, create a mixtape out of it. Give room for remixes. Collaborate with artists whose audience are larger than yours and also capitalise on that.  
Organic audiences gives you a form of leverage over your added virtual plans. It makes 10% in 1 million much better than a 10% in 10,000. Build on it. Groom and grow them. The internet deals with more humans than robots.