How UnifiedCamp Is Aiding The Learning Experience In Tertiary Institutions

The Nigerian tertiary educational system has been one with one too many problems. The availability of study materials has been one big problem in the country which has resulted in many falling back to the last resort of Google(but does Google have answers to every and any problem?).

Many complaints have been brought forward by students who can access immediate and past materials for the purpose of learning, research and general knowledge.

The UnifiedCamp platform which was created in March 2020 by Seth Michael, a student of computer science at the University of Jos, software developer and entrepreneur was birthed to combat the complaints brought forward by students in zero availability or accessibility of study materials.

The EdTech startup(which was formerly a crowd fund platform) is engineered at making learning better and easier for students in tertiary institutions.

Speaking with Mr. Michael, he said, “UnifiedCamp was created based off students personal experiences in the University, most especially having access to school resources. It is more of a personal experience from me also and other students, which led to the creation of the platform. Many students find it difficult to get study materials be it lecture notes or handouts etc.

Sometimes you see students snapping/taking pictures of notes, this could be because some students can afford to buy handouts or photocopy. Being a Nigerian is already hard, being a student in Nigeria is even harder, talking about the cost of buying school things and expenses in general. I know of many colleagues who borrow or snap notes because they can’t afford to buy, this is a problem I feel should’ve been tackled a long time ago by the Institutions itself, thus making learning much better for students, but it isn’t the case”.

Speaking on the amazing features on the platform, he further said, “That’s for the ebook section.

UnifiedCamp comprises of other amazing features for students which include forums for Interactions where student’s can ask or answer each others questions. I believe their should be a proper platform for that. Take a look at software development for example, developers have many many platforms they can ask questions for help, so why not have that for students? Students from various Institutions can rub minds and tackle problems or questions other students are encountering.

CourseCamp is a subset of UnifiedCamp where student’s can access online video tutorials or solutions, I see alot of tutors coming to lecture halls to tutor students on courses they don’t understand well. Which is a very good idea, but might not be convinient for others, many might want to participate or join but due to some inconveniences, they can’t or will not be able to attend, so CourseCamp can provide an already recorded video Tutorial for students who missed to cover up.

UnifiedCamp also provides school related news via the Blog section to keep students up to date with what is happening around the Country in schools”.

To access this platform, users just need to register/login to ask/answer questions, create forums for Interactions, download/upload study materials, or enroll for a course.

With what would have been a downplay for Mr. Michael following the creation of this during the COVID-19 presence, the platform with the period of 6 months in 2021 has had over 20,000 visits.

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