Zhibo Digital To Empower Those That Lost Their Jobs Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Following the past pandemic of COVID-19, the world has been pushed into a paradigm shift, where digital skills are the technical know-how to live in a 21st century.

Often disregarded in time past, digital skills are the foundations to which may businesses are built and find survival on.

ZhiboDigital, a Jos based digital marketing agency in partnership with ConnexUs and Search For Common Ground is set to launch the Digital Skills 4 Social Good Project. A digital literacy training that is designed as a response to those whose jobs were lost in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The training which is free and open to just 10 persons would feature the fundamentals of digital marketing, how to build a content creation framework, the rudiments of branding and brand storytelling, how to build authentic and quality content, the knowledge to how Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) works, social media strategy, social media management, creation of high performing email ad and the rudiments of social media marketing.

Interested applicants are to register here https://www.zhibodigital.com.ng/ds4sg/