A quick search on google on “how to memorize numbers” pulled up a whooping sum of 1,310,000 results within a little space of 0.62 seconds.


This shows how far a lot of authors have dwelled on the topics; a survey carried out by shows that not less than 50% of the student around the universities in Nigeria find it hard to memorize numbers, 30% percent of the students are not actually sure of their memorizing prowess when it comes to numbers while only 20% are good with memorizing numbers easily.
Today, I will be sharing with you, a hidden but open secrets on how you can easily memorize numbers. This secret is not just a mere theoretical aspect of studies; it involves a practical step that will help you trigger the subconscious part of your imaginative mind. This open secret is no other than the
“DOMINIC SYSTEM OF MEMORIZING NUMBERS”, this system was believed to be pioneered by “Dominic.O.Brien, an English Mnemonist and an eight time World Memory Champion. Before we head straight into this method you need to get the following part of your mind in order.

Focus: getting your mind in order and properly focus will help you understand this method as it works with a loci method.

IMAGINATION: “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, Imagination rules the world”
These are the words of one of the greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein. Your power of imagination will determine how far you will go while using this method.

Having gone through the above method and found yourself certified. We will now take a look at the steps involved in memorizing numbers using Dominic system of memorizing numbers:

– Give a specific number to a particular alphabet:
Let’s say you want to memorize the following numbers; 8,4,6,3,2,4,5,9,5,0,3,4,1,4. Instead of stressing yourself trying to cram the numbers, you could just start by assigning an Alphabet to each of the numbers. From the above table, the alphabet match for numbers that you want to memorize will be

image 2

Pair the alphabet: now you are done with the matching of the numbers to a specific alphabet, you are advised to pair them, especially when the quantity of numbers that you want to memorize are even in numbers.
image 3

Convert the Paired Alphabet into a name: The paired alphabet can be converted into a name of a person (a famous person or a name of your friend or family member) or an object (make sure it is something that you are very much familiar with). Check out the example below:

From the above example, you could see that we converted the alphabets into a name of a person (including the first name and surname) and object too (object with an attribute).

– Create a story or Event with it: This where your imaginative mind comes into play. Creating a story with the above names requires the addition of Loci (location) and properties to your story to make it more original to the brain. Remember, “The brain saves information faster by deceiving it”. Using the above names to create a story, we have:

“having bought a High Definition Super Camera from the shopping mall, Bill Douglas and Emily Newton heads to the English Ocean along with their friends Charles Andy and David Andy.”

N.B: Notice the loci and the feature added to the story to make the story more genuine to the brain, also note that the first capital alphabet in the words of the sentence correlates with the number that it was matched with.


– Memorize the following numbers using Dominic System of Memorization and then try to recall them off hand by using your imaginative memory.
An average adult could get 10 of the numbers without missing one.

You can do it!

Johnpaul Nwobodo

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