One day, I was teaching on the pursuit of excellence, when a man boldly asked “why do people fail and others succeed, is there a mystery behind this”? Today, I would be linking this into business ownership. It is the dream of many people around the world to be like the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and so many others. Fortunately, many end up fulfilling this dream while others do not. However, I believe with this few steps, you will find your feet placed on the right track in achieving your dream. They include;

Step 1 – PURPOSE:
This is the reason for which anything is done, created and exist. Sometimes we fail to differentiate between wishes and purpose. When I began working on Medicorb©, I just wanted to feel among, be part of that list of young entrepreneurs: all these were wishes. A purpose must be that one thing you love, enjoy doing (passion), and at the same time must be what the world needs (mission). This is the ground basis of your company’s net worth.


Visualization is a process of creating pictures in your mind that that identify with and foresee the end product of your purpose. It helps you to focus, overcome doubt and criticism, build hope, self confidence, inner strength and explore the mind. When you can visualize, you can materialize because visualization helps invent your intent. With this I was able to establish the great Medicorb©. This also has being of great benefit to the like of Walt Disney (Disney world), the Wright brothers (Aeroplane), Alexander Graham Bell (Telephone), Thomas Edison (Light bulb) and the rest of them all.

Step 4 – ACTION:
This is the phase of actualization. It is the phase where you translate what you alone can see into that which everyone can see. There are certain criteria that must be kept for this to hold;

·Target Identification: You must know the set of people you intend selling your product to and that part of the world they are located. This helps you site your company in the right location.

·Accessibility: You site your company in a place where your target can be accessible (easy approach) to you or you can be accessible to them because this improves improve delivery.

·Marketability: Let your product be suitable for sale so it can be of good demand. For your product to be suitable for sale, you must add to it value.

·Fidelity: This is the part many business owners fail. Always remember to remember that your product speak a volume for you. Fidelity helps in reducing competitors because it is a customer attractant.

It would interest you to know that Step 3 was skipped because this is what most of us do. We fail because we do not apply the third step called PREPARATION. Preparation is the bridge that links visualization to action. It simply reduces the effect of the risk involved in business. According to the popular saying “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This was the simple answer to the young man’s question. Preparing shows you’re mapping out plans. Imagine yourself climbing up or down the stairs, the moment you skip a step, you are much more in position to lose balance, which could in turn, make you to fall (failure).
How prepared you are determines how projected you will become over obstacles. If you must prepare, let your preparation commensurate with your visualization and if you must act, let your action complement your preparation. Each step helps to make you see the sky not as a limit but as a beginning. Every step depends on YOU.

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