How to Invest in your Team.

The ability to invest in my team was one of the major things I was ignorant of when I started my self –acclaimed leadership journey. Just like Karma, the consequences came knocking on my door.

I came to realize that after few months of working with my team, nothing reasonable was accomplished, not even a single of our goal was met.

So I set out on my journey of perdition to seek the solution to my problem. I gained advice from several mentors of mine, read different articles on team management and on building a successful team, but the answer seems not to be near within my reach. It was during one of my early morning meditation that I ended up shouting EUREKA! , for I have found the cause of my problem; I have failed to invest in my team, I was not sure the answer I got was totally the cause of my problem but something inside of me kept on triggering me to put it to practice. I had no other option but to start learning the different ways to invest in a team, and at the same time put what I have learned to practice.

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After few months of applying what I have learned, there was a tremendous improvement in the team, positive vibes started flowing around the team, above all the productive and the effective nature of the team began to surface. Having achieved a positive result by applying the techniques that I was able to gather from different sources, I decided to share this technique with you.

Recommend or Give them books to read:

“When we open books, we realize that we have wings and as we fly, we may not even know where we are flying to but the miracle is the unfolding of our wings,” says the famous English Quote.

When I started recommending and giving my team members books pertaining to our niche of operation, there was a great improvement in their productive. I also discuss these books with them.

Send them to Conferences:

Conferences are place where we receive a high level of exposure. It also helps us to increase our network of connection. My team has really benefitted from the wide range of conferences that we have attended together.

Organize an Intra-leader’s conference for the team:

Your level of operation depends on the level of capacity that you have developed. Like the famous saying goes “Leaders are meant to breed leaders not followers”. Inviting human capital developers to come educate my team has contributed immensely to my team success.

Give credit to them for their progress:

One method I used to boost the morale of my team is by giving them credit with respect to their progress. Be careful of mere flatteries.

Empower them with Authority and Responsibility:

It takes a secure leader to disperse power. Do not allow power to just revolve around you, it should revolve around every one even though you as a leader have the ultimate power. Allow your team members to head different projects of the company base on their level of capacity. Like John Maxwell will always say, “a new leader emerges with respect to a new challenge.”

Hang out with them:

While being accessible as a leader is good, it is also good to know your team members individually. Knowing them individually gives room for more healthy work relationship. Meanwhile, some HR experts are strictly against this but you should know when to create healthy distance.


If you strictly adhere to the method listed above, you will experience a drastic improvement In your team. It may be gradual but it is worth it.

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