How The Youths in Nigeria are Establishing Independence through Technology

Digital technology is growing at an extraordinary rate all over the world. It is embraced by a huge number of youths and has helped to immensely boost the access to large amounts of information acquired daily that has transformed our world.

Our generation is established in an environment ruled by digital devices, social media and the world’s digital global space-the internet.

Nigeria is one of the African countries in which the internet and the digital media penetration have been on the increase. 71% of the population in Nigeria is under 30 years of age and it has been estimated that by 2050, one fifth of the children under 18 in Africa will live in Nigeria.

Hence, the need to reorient youths in the nation on how to be self sustained with high achievement through the use of information and communication technology (ICT) is important.

A lot of young people have shown interest in changing the face of society by impacting worthwhile skills that have benefited the nations in diverse ways in areas of networking, digital marketing, software development, crypto trade and many more.

In recent years, Nigeria has become the incubator for some of the continents biggest startups and this is due to a number of young innovative minds who have based their goals on providing solutions to the endless problems faced in our society.

The adoption of ICT has also enabled the provision of job opportunities for youths across the country and has provided the opportunity for development of intellectual skill, ideas and enablement of creative solutions to fill in the gaps left by the state.

Some of such tech startups founded by strong and hardworking youths across the country are:

  1. Unified Camp is an Ed-tech startup founded by Seth Michael, a student of the University of Jos who has focused his aim at providing solutions to combat problems of study materials needed for learning and research in various institutions. Edtech startups are focused on making learning more accessible and effective.
  2. Life Bank, founded by Temie Giwa-Tubosun, is a business enterprise focused on developing better ways for timely delivery of blood to hospitals and patients who need it. Her efforts over the years have been towards saving as many lives as possible as one of the major challenges of the healthcare system in the country is the shortfall in the supply of blood, which is needed for transfusion during surgeries and related procedures.
  3. Flutterwave, founded by Iyinoluwa Samuel Aboyeji is Africa’s largest engineering fintech organization with over 1,000 software engineers.

Financial technology startups are looking to engage segments of the population that cannot access traditional financial services and Flutterwave is one of such startups. The company’s mission is to simplify payments for endless possibilities by providing payment infrastructure global merchants and payment service providers across the continent.

These are just few out of the many tech startups across Nigeria that are building relevant solutions for the continent and the rest of the world. Many Nigerians have developed keen interest to communicate technology with focus on impacting society.

Featured Image Source: IT News Africa