How Community Hashtags Can Aid SMEs

Hazina is a fashion entrepreneur who wanted to make it big. She had read and seen quite a number of notable success stories of persons who made it big from her favourite social media network, Instagram but she still did battle with quite a lot. She often questioned why and how people made it to the top with the hashtags and owned a sheered sense of visibility to visiting and already established clients. How would she carve out her niche and be one of the top names in her field? This she often wondered.

Just like Hazina, a lot of young entrepreneurs battle with this thoughts. Sometimes, the pop up array of “fine and appealing” images that meet the eyes in their respective fields often give them a sense of concern and worry. The main challenge visible here is the lack of understanding towards the terms, “Community Hashtags”.

What Are Community Hashtags?

Community hashtags are a collection of tags in relation to a particular topic or subject matter. It is basically one business or social element that connects like-minded people around a certain subject, take for instance, if an Instagram post is on podcast, the hashtags would be #podcasting #podcasttheme #podcastnigeria etc – same is applicable to other areas, be it fashion, technology, education, telemedicine, etc. This aids one to build a community and also, connect to as many persons as possible around the hemisphere of your business or area of speciality.

Benefits Of Community Hashtags

As a result of community hashtags, there are attached benefits to its efficacy and usefulness. The three core benefits of having, creating or participating in a community hashtag are;

1. Makes you and your business popular. Having a defined community hashtag can be a launch for you and your business. This gives you the much desired popularity and elevated status quo that might been a part of your wishlist. By virtue of your engagement in posting and tagging, with a defined community hashtag in your field, many are drawn to your page and what it stands to gain.

2. One of the benefits of a community hashtag is an increase in sales. Capitalising on what your community represents (in terms of your business environment) and the tags made, you’re most likely to gain a boost in sales which would serve as a means of profit making. You are also most likely to spend less and get more due to your engagements, interactivity and broad-base business outlook to persons.

3. The most vital benefit of owning or been a part of a community hashtag is impact. You’re a form of influence and your impact is felt through your space. Many are even drawn to you as a result of that for various reasons.

How Do You Create A Hashtag Community

It is easy to partake in a community but very hard in creating one. Sometimes, the foundations are laid with bad bricks and a collapse is highly inevitable. The following are ways to which you can create an effective and working hashtag community for your business;

1. Research

This is one of the most quintessential elements in creating your own community hashtag. Your research involves you brainstorming and making findings in and around your space (business). Also, in your research, you’re able to answer the questions around whether or not your hashtags can be catchy, unique, hit the target audience or not.

2. Promote It At Every Chance

Promotions of your hashtags is very key. You need to make it a part of your publicity routine at every chance you get, giving to the fact that it’d aid you in reaching out far and wide.

3. Monitor Your Interactivity and Engagement

After you create your hashtags, kindly monitor your interactivity and engagement around it. The impressions or insights you gain at the long run would determine whether or not your business and the affiliated or curated hashtags belong to the audience or not.

Remember the old saying, “A single tree can never make a forest”, so, you need a community to grow and expand your business.