Customer’s Reviews and Referrals, A Necessity

Interactivity between producers and consumers of various goods and services is key to unlocking the doors of opportunities in startups. These remarks can help shape the market place, boost product presence and add a market value to whatsoever wholesome goods and services on display and on sales. Also, one bad comment or review, if not properly checked can tarnish every brand image built up over the years. 


Customer reviews are the perfect (or imperfect) testimonials given by customers who may/may not have enjoyed the product given to them. Some of these testimonials are comments on the social media, star credit reviews, posts (either texts or images) and word of mouth given by the customer. He or she is either excited or disappointed to what they have enjoyed or was dissatisfied by. 


 Referrals are a blend of unpaid advertisements and connections given by pleased persons. These persons who give these referrals are people who are well pleased by what they’ve been given and would love to have friends and family around them enjoy such service. 


 Singer, entrepreneur and creator of Yummy Yoghurt, Neken Chuwang had revealed that there is a relationship between customer reviews and referrals. He said both parties are interwoven and can aid in your business growth. Also, they can help produce a new means or channel of distribution, show your weak link and now to correct it and how to grow your business. 

We live in a digital world. A place where one good word gives need to the desire to participate in what’s “trending”. 
The place of referrals and customers reviews can review a perception to things unknown to us. Its benefits are enormous. It builds credibility, helps improve products and service, create a solid customer experience for future customers, and help in creating or taking certain business decisions based on product and distribution. 
Every business (or startup) requires the presence of people. They’re the lubricant to grease the wheel already in motion. We may wish or tend to overlook everything but customer reviews and referrals are the secret ingredients to grow your business. 
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