Code Plateau: PICTDA to Leverage Reverse Employment Strategy for Fellows

The Plateau state Information and Communication Development Agency (PICTDA) has scored another point for its fellows in its efforts to ensuring the employability of young people across various sectors of the economy through its new and innovative reverse employment strategy.

According to the, Director-General of the agency, David Daser, the strategy is a simple and engaging one which is focused on engaging tech companies who are in dare need of developers, thereby having them support the training of these developers with the tools required to move their potential employees from an absolute newbie into world-class within the code plateau training timeline and then return these beneficiaries to these companies for employment.

He revealed this in a Facebook post when announcing an endorsement deal with Barnksforte Global Ltd company – a private technological company based in Abuja – for the Code Plateau program.

Mr Daser said the deal came after a brief meeting and idea pitch to the CEO of Barnksforte Global Ltd. At the end of the meeting, the company, Barnksforte Global Ltd offered two laptops which would be given to two lucky fellows of the Code Plateau Bootcamp 3.0

While expressing his gratitude to the partners, he said that in the next months, announcements of the agency’s engagements with various tech companies would be made public.

The Code Plateau is designed to equip and deepen the tech talents in the State’s ecosystem and the world at large.