All my life what my teachers in school has always told me is to go to school, get a good grade, graduate and get good paying job. They never told me to go to school, get a good grade and come out to create a job! Which will you take, to work your ass out all day and the end get 20% of what someone who folds his hands and make few calls a day get? That brings us to this word “Entrepreneur (self employed)” that the majority of the world has tagged “unconventional”. People believe it has always been scholastic education or nothing else and have never viewed life from a
different perspective. They all believe in this conventional means of go to school, graduate, get a good job, retire and then settle for this monthly entitlement called pension. Well, it has been working but considering the trend that this generation is going, I think we are so blind not to see the handwriting on the wall, currently some government companies find it hard to pay the working class not to talk of retiree. I think we are also aware of the fact that the first ten people topping the forbes magazine are all entrepreneurs. We have never viewed life in a different way; we have never asked ourselves questions like…

1. What if the plan of getting a job after undergoing my scholastic education doesn’t work out?

2. What can I incorporate to plan A that will keep me on a safe ground if Plan A becomes infeasible?

3. What will sustain me if the economy goes bad that the Government can hardly pay my pension after retirement?

4. What can I do, that will make life easier for my children?

These are few question from the barrage of ‘’WH” question one has to ask one’s self. We have looked down on this bright light that can make the convention (scholastic education) serve the unconventional (Entrepreneurship). We can’t mention the word “Entrepreneurship” without mentioning a few names that has followed this trend, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill.W.gates, Cosmos Maduka..etc Funny enough the above listed individuals are drop outs from school (heheh don’t get us wrong, we are not encouraging student drop out from school but we are trying to imbibe the true spirit of entrepreneurship which we can’t find in the four walls of our school ) yet they rule the world of entrepreneurship and the world at large. Scholastic Education is necessary but I have got to understand that we need Life education (which incorporates entrepreneurship and other spheres of life) in order to achieve stability in life and become financially independent.

Johnpaul Nwobodo

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