Tech Is Connected; It’s the Present and Future – Esther Ivy Felix

Esther Ivy Felix, alias Tech Diva is one of the distinctive young women in the technological space in Nigeria.

Previously a Signed Writer at Opera News, Esther is currently an Editorial Associate at Defi-Planet – a blockchain news and analysis site.

While at these roles, she worked at a freelancer in social media and other communication desks.

In a chat with the Tech Diva, she shared her journey as a freelance writer and digital media professional, and how young people can leverage the platform for the future of work.

What propelled you into joining tech?

I think my journey into creating content for different fields drew my attention to technology from a different perspective and I just became very much interested and that’s why I’m an ardent believer in tech.

You have worked for various persons and organisations, were there any form of gender sensitivity towards you as a woman in tech?

Personally, I think as a lady in this space, the expectations are higher so I have to be on my toes to deliver at my best. I haven’t specifically experienced gender bias but I know it’s common in a male dominated field like tech. Thus far, I think being one of the few ladies in this space is quite interesting for me.

Your work strength are seen in social media management, fintech, edutech and recently, blockchain; how has the experience been for you?

It has been an awesome experience. I have always wanted to understand technology and all its technicalities so to say and in a way, they are all connected. When I am talking about blockchain, I can discuss big data, it’s correlation to social media, fintech and tradfi. Tech is connected and I love using the knowledge I have to connect strings.

Could you leave tech for anything?

Nope, never! Tech is the present and future. For people to be properly educated to build the labour market in the future, they must have a background in tech. Most times, we hear stuffs like; “so many people would be displaced from their jobs because robots will take over.” My counter opinion to that is to keep upgrading your knowledge to fit into the technological advancement we continuously to rapidly experience.

What advice would you give to a younger woman trying to dive into the workspace of tech?

Be well grounded in a field in tech before diving into other connected fields and constantly evolve by upgrading yourself to remain relevant.