Ria Money Transfer: How to send and receive money in Nigeria

Ria Money Transfer: How to send and receive money in Nigeria

Ria Money transfer – Are you a Nigerian, Indian, Spaniard, African staying abroad and would like to send money home to support your loved ones, undertake a project, family up keep, school fees, medical etc, I’ve written this article to serve your course.

If you’re very conversant with money transfer in this part of the world, you would had come to terms with the fact that Western Union and Money Gram are no longer that much easier and accessible to use for Africans and Nigerians at large.

Policies have continued to come up almost on quarterly basis, aimed at reducing to the barest minimum the remittance of funds through the aforementioned channels to Africa and Nigeria particularly from Europe and America.

Having arrived on this blog, I will show you how you can start receiving and sending funds through Ria money transfer from abroad to Nigeria, India, Spain and other African countries at large -for business purposes.

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Ria is about the third largest money transfer in the world after Western Union and Money Gram, with offices in about 144 countries worldwide, Headquartered at Buena, Park, California, USA.

How to Send RIA Money Transfer to Nigeria

To send money to Nigeria, kindly visit www.riamoneytransfer.com

  • Register to send money, open a free account on the portal
  • Select how much you would like to send, to whom and select Nigeria as destination country from the drop down menu. Select account deposit if you want to credit the receivers’ bank account number or choose cash/office pickup if you want the receiver to pick the money in the bank.
  • Confirm your money transfer and send. As simple as that.

Note: Nigerians can only receive Ria money, but cannot send out at this time. This is to say that you cannot perform Ria outbound transfers from Nigeria.

If you want your receiver to cash the transfer as office pick up, then you will have to supply him/her the eleven digits reference number generated after completion of the transfers.

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How to Receive Ria Money Transfer in Nigeria

The process of receiving your transfers in Nigeria is very easy and seamless, Ria transfers are being paid by the commercial banks duly licensed to carry out money transfer operations. Kindly visit any commercial bank that pays Ria transfers and follow the under listed guidelines

  • You’re expected to visit the bank with the eleven digits Ria reference code which the sender had made available to you, if you don’t have any, kindly contact the sender and request for it.
  • You will need to have a valid ID card which include any of the following: Voters’ card (PVC), National ID card, Drivers’ License or International Passport all verifiable.
  • The money transfer teller in the bank haven enquired that you have the aforementioned particulars will give you a Ria money transfer form to complete, kindly complete the form with every information required in details without mistakes or alterations.
  • On completion of the form, the teller collects, goes through it, if ok, he/she goes ahead to treat. Thereafter you will get paid without further delays.
  • It’s left for you to decide if the fund should be credited to your account, if you have any with the bank.

List of Banks that Pay Ria Money Transfers in Nigeria

1 ) Polaris Bank

2) Access Bank

3) First Bank of Nigeria

4) Union Bank

5) UBA

6) Fidelity Bank

7) GTBank etc.

FAQ on Ria Money Transfer

The growing demand for Ria money services had generated a hand full of questions by users around the world, which include but not limited to the following;

Ria Money Transfer Tracking

This refers to knowing the location of a transfer as well as its status, with Ria tracking, the location of a transfer can be ascertained as well if it has been paid out or not.

It then stands that both the sender and the receiver can track the transfers progressively, provided they have the order number.

Follow the below steps to track your transfer

To track Ria transfer, kindly visit www.riamoneytransfer.com

  • Haven launched the page click on “track transfer”
  • Enter your order number in the column provided, this is the Ria reference code given to you by the sender if you’re the receiver
  • Click on search, then wait few seconds to see the location or status of the transfer.

Ria Money Transfer Login

Haven registered as a user on the Ria platform https://www.riamoneytransfer.com , you are required to supply your user name and password subsequently.

To have a Ria login, it means you are a returning user, which means you need to supply your authorized details to access the service.

Ria Money Review

A review as you’re aware is a detailed information about a service, business or product/brand, which is aimed at guiding and providing intending users or buyers with first-hand information about such products and services. To as well determine if it’s good and safe for them to use.

To get a detailed review about Ria transfers, to further convince you. Kindly visit this LINK.

RIA Money Transfer in Walmart

Walmart stores Inc. Helps people around the world to save money, as well make life better any day any time, in retail stores online and through their mobile devices.

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Ria money transfer in collaboration with Walmart created and expanded Walmart2walmart domestic money transfer services for customers seeking to send up to $2,500 .

The essence of partnering with Walmart is to provide consumers of Ria money transfer service with a lesser cost of sending or making remittance.

A transfer of $2,500 costs $18 via Walmart2walmart, Ria services from USA to Nigeria.

Ria Money Location Near Me

As a customer who wants to use Ria money service, finding any of its location near you should be of utmost interest

In Nigeria to be precise, there’s no Walmart store for Ria services, rather the Nigeria commercial banks are always at your service.

You can pick your Ria transfers in any of the aforementioned banks above.

You can as well find Ria location by using the Ria transfer locator to find partner banks, agents or stores with a global network of over 350,000 agents click HERE to find a location.

How to Send Ria Money to India

To send money to India from the US or wherever, kindly follow the below steps

  • Visit https://www.riamoneytransfer.com , sign up by making a free account with Ria
  • Enter how much you’d want to send in the available column and your recipient details
  • Review and confirm that everything is ok, then hit the send button, you’re done.

The receiver will either have to visit a paying bank or an agent location in India with his/her valid ID card and order number sent by the sender.

Ria Money Customer Care

To contact Ria Customer Care for any enquiry or complaint,

UK Headquarters

Call: 0800 085 5955 or 1-877-443-1399


Considering transfer services, Ria Money Transfer will tick the boxes for you


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