Patricia Launches Clothing Line, Moonphonic

One of Nigeria’s ever expanding FinTech companies, Patricia Technologies has shown its diversity and also, that it is a lifestyle brand concerned with the outlook of its clients and the general public with the launch of its inspiring merch collection, Moonphonic.

Moonphonic, which serves as an inspiring merch collection that gives persons the pride to wear and showcase their personalities.

Birthed from what seemed to be as an intimate understanding of what the customers and the general public deem as good design, quality branding and personality check during the course of its research, Patricia embarked on a journey that has resulted in the release of a new wave of merch designs that ticks all the right fashion boxes for all generations. The new Patricia merch suits people with different fashion tastes, style expectations and exists in various sizes.

The new Patricia merch can be described as trendy, vibrant, sophisticated, and absolutely inspiring.

This is so not surprising, as Patricia Technologies has shown that it is more than just a business, but a group of young innovators, future-forward thinkers, and fashion trendsetters who aren’t afraid to create trends and disrupt the status quo in every and any sector.

This is evident in the brand’s popular mantra “DO THE MOST”, which defines what they do, how they work and play as well the family orientation that guides every aspect of their business. The new merch collection was created to embody this culture, it is about bold designs, proper presentation, and outstanding quality.

The new Patricia merch collections and designs were first featured on the ongoing season 6 of the BIG BROTHER NAIJA reality TV show on Saturday, 21st August 2021, as the housemates prepared for the Patricia task.

The merchandise ranges from hoodies to t-shirts, joggers, face caps, winter jackets, socks, kiddies wear, and lots more. Since the unveiling of the merch, demands have been flying off the shelves. Fashion lovers, customers, and others interested can now place orders of their favourite designs, colours and category.