Padd.Finance,The Next Generation Launchpad for KCC

The crypto sphere is growing rapidly with new projects and solutions coming up every month. It is becoming harder everyday for crypto projects to successfully tread due to high competition.

Thus, one of the major challenges blockchain projects face is the issue of launching their crypto currencies to the right audience, prompting the introduction of launchpads.

Crypto launchpads are unique ecosystem players that help to identify promising early stage cryptocurrency projects and link them up to an already existing pool of investors. In summary, they are any decentralized platform that raises funds for new projects by allowing you to buy tokens before they’re publicly released.

Although there are multiple crypto launchpad projects, very few provide excellent and trusted services.

Padd.Finace is building to become one of such trusted platforms in the crypto space. It is built on a Kucoin Community Chain (KCC).
KCC is an Ethereum-based decentralized public chain with high performance.

Padd.Finance is giving investors an access to invest in promising early stage projects in KCC. Investing in projects will acquire investors to stake on the native token- $Pad in order to gain investment allocation spots.

Users of Padd.Finance would hold a number of the padd token in order to gain access to invest in the token that would be introduced on the platform.

It is growing the Kucoin Community ecosystem by driving on inclusion, to ensure that every user who indicates interest on the platform will have an allocation in the interested project.

The launchpad is aiming to help project owners raise funding for their KCC projects. They identify promising projects in the Kucoin community chain space and have it projected to a large pool of investors.

With the recent launch of the Kucoin community chain, has come in play to help project owners get the value for what they invest. The platform is making innovative solutions in the Kucoin community chain space easy.