I have really tried to look into the world of business, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the profit and losses but one thing remains constant and that is, all businesses got their roots from either of these two things; “Skills”  or  “Capital”. You must have one of this if not you just hitting a dead end. Whether you have a million dollar idea or money flowing dreams, if you don’t have any of these prerequisites your ideas and dreams are as good as nothing

Now, although these constants are inevitable, that doesn’t mean you can’t still build up something with LESS SKILL or LESS CAPITAL.

Below are few businesses that require less skill or capital to change your old tattered wallet to a money stuffed duffel bag.


Oh! What a strange word. Now, People might be asking what cuniculture is. Well here comes your answer. Cuniculture is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising domestic rabbits as livestock usually for their meat, fur or wool.

Rabbit farming is a very lucrative business in West Africa people seem to overlook. Rabbits are easy to handle, they have a short gestation period (about 31 days) and they’re prolific (2-8 kids after each delivery) and they consume kitchen wastes, plant leaves, and grasses. Now you see! Think about how much you will make every 31 days.



It now looks like some peoples’ eyes are open. Upcoming entrepreneurs are now looking towards this direction; some also incorporate selling data subscription into it which is quite good. This is a very lucrative business and in addition to the fact that almost everybody makes call each day makes you to sell off your goods and services to your customers at a very rapid rate.  This requires less skill and capital and it is less demanding. All you need to do is to print out and sell out!

You can say that again. Print out and Sell out!


In this 21st century, everybody wants to tell you how much they’re making through their outfit. The world of fashion is growing rapidly as the tailors and designers pockets are growing fatter. This requires a little training just to learn the basics but once you are stable and popular, money will keep knocking at your door each and every day of the week. It is easy to start and very lucrative.

A friend once asked me if you aren’t in the academic field, what would you like to be? Ofcourse, you know my reply



It seems we get much from the most overlooked sector in our economy; the agricultural sector. Cassava which can produce many varieties of finished products such as garri, fufu, wheat, flour, semolina, etc is only planted through stem cuttings which can be gotten from a harvested cassava plant. Harvest your cassava, go to a processing plant and process into any finished product of your choice. You will surely make 400-600 percent more than your cost of production.



Now we didn’t start with any decoration materials, we didn’t have chairs and tables, gas cylinders and cake pans, canopies and buffet stand. All we started with was an idea and a couple of monogrammed uniforms for identification. After the next 2 years, we had all these listed above and a plethora of contracts.

So now you can gather those gangsters you call friends and tell them politely “LET’S BE EVENT PLANNERS”


Nelson Igbokwe

Entrepreneur | I invest in my self so that i can be able to invest in other people.

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