8 Exciting Tech Movies Everyone Needs To See

We see a whole new dimension in the world of movies. It’s ability to make a person’s mind go way beyond and experience being in an entirely fictional world is pretty amazing!

For a long time a lot of things have been put in place to make life a little sweeter and enjoyable for humans, including tech personnel who work all day long; and one of such things is a relaxing ‘movie’.

Sometimes having to see our tech inventions and visions of the future perfectly executed in a movie can be mind blowing. Computer animation has made headway in this.

For filmmakers and storytellers alike, the future has always been a fountain of creative possibilities and endings, a way to come to terms with our fears of the unknown by portraying them as fictions.

Now sci-fi writers and tech creators use movies to paint the road ahead and inspire millions of people to make their visions into a reality.

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like for a scientist who watches a sci-fi movie. In the case where the details or events in a movie or it’s inventions all go south, it could completely pull them off.


Watching something you’re so familiar with is painful when it’s gotten all wrong.

Well…let’s leave that for the tech geniuses to decide.

Below are eight tech movies you need to see if you haven’t before.

1.Free Guy (2021)

Free Guy is an American science fiction action comedy film directed by Shawn Levy. The movie is about a bank teller who discovers he is actually a background player in a brutal open-world video game. His character is one like in a Fortnite video game.
Guy wears the same outfit every day, orders the same coffee, and goes to work at the same bank, which gets robbed multiple times a day by actual players in a different game. He gets his hands on a pair of sunglasses that reveal what the actual players see in this world, including missions, hubs, and other things that are very familiar to modern day gamers.

2. Her (2013)
Her (Directed by Spike Jonze) is a quiet romantic drama that’s all about an artificially intelligent operating system named Samantha. The actor in the movie (Theodore Twombly) who plays the role of an introverted writer, buys an Artificial Intelligence system to help him write. However, when he finds out about the AI’s ability to learn and adapt, he falls in love with it. Everything from the actor’s desktop to his gaming console is voice activated, including his artificially intelligent girlfriend – OS, Samantha.

Samantha’s technology lies beyond the capacities of current automated assistants we have in our world today like Alexa and Siri. Already, scientists are experimenting with ways in which tech can help human psychological problems. Technology as a cure for loneliness is just around the corner.

3. A.I( Artificial Intelligence) 2001
AI is about an Android who wishes to become a real boy. It’s almost like the Disney film ‘Pinocchio’, which tells the story of a puppet pulled with strings that made a wish and became a real human boy. AI on the other hand, is made of computer programming. David, the Android child, wants to regain the love he lost after being abandoned. He has been programmed to love. Once he is activated with a code, he fixes on the activator. He exists to love a human and be loved back by her.

4. Inception (2010)
Inception masterfully blends illusion and reality until you can’t tell the difference anymore. The lead is played by Oscar Winner, Leonardo DiCaprio who pulls off his capers by infiltrating his target’s subconscious mind. Once inside your head, he implants an idea via “inception,” which suddenly becomes your own without your consent. This movie has some of the coolest effects I’ve ever seen in any movie.
When you combine the technology of illusions with the plot of corporate spy techniques, you get a true mind-bending movie.

5. iBoy (2017)
This movie is about young high schoolers. An awkward teenage boy tries to protect a girl he likes and gets shot in the head while he tries to contact the police. He wakes up from a coma and soon discovers that he can hear and see everything going on in the internet because fragments from his broken smartphone had been buried into his brain from the accident. He turns into an actual super app and possses cybernatural powers. He uses this to his advantage to expose the boys that hurt his girl but soon gets into serious trouble.

6. Jobs (2013)
This movie traces the larger-than-life figure’s story (Steve Jobs) from the beginning of Apple to the launch of the iPod on an unsuspecting world. The movie covers his rapid rise, downfall, and eventual rebirth.

7. Total Recall (2012)
Every scene includes mind-boggling creation— dream recording devices, implanted memories, hover cars, holographic communications, and touch-screen refrigerators. But the standout gadget/visual effect in this movie is the phone implant embedded in the characters’ hand. When characters place their hands on certain solid surfaces, such as a glass window, it transforms into a display screen.
This was obtained from a project actually done by researchers in a University in Tokyo that portrays a visual image of a keypad and tactile stimuli onto the palm of your hand.

8. Prometheus (2012)
In 2093, Weyland Industries, a fictional composite of Apple, Google and SpaceX— sends a team of humans on a mission to the darkest corners of the universe to find the creator of humanity. They are equipped with hypersleep chambers, an eighth generation humanoid android named David, an automated medical procedure pod, and spectrograph-mapping drones to aid them. Their adventure takes them on a discovery of unimaginable things.

Although in real life we are still a little behind the creation of action humanoid Android’s, scientists are working to get there. They are also trying to crack the mystery behind hypersleep and apply them to psychological therapy. The mapping drones in the movie are real and recently I learnt that Google harnessed it’s technology for the creation of it’s driverless cars.