Is Everybody A Social Media Manager?

I recently had a chat with a friend on a particular housemate at the Big Brother Naija (BBN) Shine Ya Eye season which is presently ongoing. Mind you, I have never been a fan just a passive viewer. The only show I did follow up haphazardly was in 2017 when “Jos Boy” Efe Ejebe (popularly known as Efe Money) was there. He was from neighbouring streets with me, so, I had to low key pledge my allegiance and support him. 

Back to my chat with my friend. We spoke on a recent housemate, Yousef. Who in the past few days have faced the unruly trolls by Nigeria for his Indian looks. She made mention of his PR/Social Media Team which were not doing a great job and I questioned, IS EVERYBODY A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER? 

Social media management is a huge task. It goes beyond tweeting, chatting, uploading and posting, liking, commenting or viewing other people’s reactions on the the social network. It is the process of creating, publishing and analyzing content you post on social media platforms. It also deals with engaging users on the various platforms or intended platform user by a social media manager. 

As a result of it cost efficiency, reach, usage and performance, the social media has given rise to marketing, promotion of ideas and networking. Statistics have revealed that 74% of people now use social media in making purchase decisions and 80% of people get advice about a purchase from social media. This is factual. The big question is WHO SHOULD MANAGE YOUR BUSINESS ON SOCIAL MEDIA? 

Not everyone is a social media manager. Many are consumers concerned about their consumption and not promoting the desired goals needed for an organization. 

A social media manager is one to audit your already existing social media strategy, research on your target audience, aid in choosing your social media platforms based on research and products for sale, create a workable and achievable social media strategy, design your social media profiles, develop your ads, build up your content calendar, create a platform specific social media content, respond and be more human with your followers (interactivity is needed), grow your social media reach and lastly monitor your social media performance.
These are the ideals of social media management. A social media manager serves as a PR personnel, marketer and also, a brand storyteller. Many have mistaken the wide reach of a person to give the jobs on social media management. Often times, what they get is just the reach and not the rich. 

Social media management involves a more sense of technicality than the shallow representation given. Your growth as a brand may be to hire a more profile hand than an affiliate relative who’s yet to grasp the knowledge on social media.

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