How The Advent of eSIM Cards are Enabling the Mobile Workforce

A SIM is a small plastic card holding certain information, such as a mobile number and allows for the making and receiving of calls, text messages and usage of data. It is an acronym for ‘Subscriber Identity Module’.

New technology has given us a hand in determining what factors and methods to effectively invest in. The eSIM card is one of such for example. It stands for ‘Embedded Subscriber Identity Module Card’ and is the equivalent of the regular SIM card.

It is a small chip built into smart phones and tech devices. Though this electronic SIM is still very new, it’s already viewed as the future of mobile tech.

Nigeria’s largest mobile Telecom operator, MTN had launched its eSIM in July 2020 and 9Mobile also known as Etisalat launched theirs in August, 2020. They are the two telecom companies in the country that successfully run eSIM services.

Although these services are designed to deliver flexibility, the eSIM only works on a limited number of compatible devices like the Samsung S20 Series, Apple- iphone 11, iphone XS, 11Pro Max, Google Pixel 3, 3XL, Pixel 4 and 4XL Smartphones.

Here are a few benefits the eSIM technology provides:

1.They cannot be physically damaged or lost: eSIMs are embedded inside phones, which makes them less prone to damage and weakening of signal quality all the time, which is a very good thing. Also, if your phone gets stolen by thieves, they cannot simply remove the eSIM and replace with their own, therefore, rendering the phone operations useless once your carrier shuts off service to it.

2.It uses less physical phone space: Another benefit of the eSIM is it negates the need for a physical SIM card. There is no limit to storing cell phone information on it; making it easy to use anywhere in the world.

3.It is super convenient for travelers: People who travel a lot both within the country and abroad can use the eSIM to communicate without buying and losing their local SIM cards. They are supported by wireless providers in many countries. Also, your network providers can control eSIM over the air, making your location easier to find in case you ever lose your phone while on a business trip or vacation.

4.It allows for more than one SIM: eSIMs offer the same advantages as normal dual-SIM phone with two slots for the normal plastic SIM cards, that is to say you can have two phone numbers on the eSIM. They can be handy if you choose to use one number for personal use and the other for business. You can call, text, and use data with whichever eSIM of your choice.

Although not all smart phones can accommodate eSIMs, the rapid technological evolvement happening every day would soon establish it as a general norm. The eSIMs are a good way to save communication network cost and they provide well defined digital experiences with high levels of simplicity and flexibility.