How Small Businesses Can Leverage On Social Media Ads

The traditional media in form of print, audio and visual has been a heavyweight for small businesses to advertise, sell and market their goods and services. Many persons, institutions, organisations and groups who did partner or believe in the traditional media to help promote their various degrees of livelihood were either greeted with zero or low report. So, what was the hope of small business owners who couldn’t afford an arm and a leg to have their businesses out there? 

Prior to the invent of the internet and the social media, many small businesses stayed away from the traditional media. Many believed in the oral culture and were both owners and marketers of their own goods and services. Something stressful and unyielding.

There were zero chances of breaking the iceberg to have a chill drink after a stressful day and to those who participated in patronising the traditional media, it was either a tale of loss or no chances of becoming the next “economic superstar”. 
Social media ads(often referred to as the new school or digital age of marketing) is the use of one medium or multimedia channels(or tools) used to sell, engage, grow and have your business on the faces and ears of your desired audience and more.  
Often done on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Chrome, social media ads is one to have reached a larger crowd if attempts of growing the audience reach organically have failed. 

Also, social media ads can be used to notify the general public about a new(or soon-to-be released) product and trigger the eagerness in the hearts of people. 

Local businesses could benefit in this whether or not their trade requires an office outlook or not. 
With the influx of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs daily on the Nigerian economic space, social media ads are your salvation to interconnectivity, relativity and give a good sense of business imagery. 

One too many flaws have been experienced in sponsoring social media ads but the technical know-how is simple; build an audience of interested clients to your products first. Do not make the early mistakes of sponsoring when nobody knows you.