Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed: Invest in Self Promotion.

Akin was a little behind in terms of his business. He had everything right but the visibility of a profitable startup to meet the eyes of those who saw him the light of a lead businessman. He has spoken to quite a number of persons (experts) in regards to what was missing and there were many pointers to one key thing – the presence of self promotion. 

Self promotion is an art. A skillful requirement to boosting your business. It involves the need to talk/hype/publicise one’s business through various means or preferred medium to meet the eyes, ears and minds of people. 

Social media influencer and content strategist, Salem King had once said, “If you don’t TALK about what you do, people will simply not know. Closed mouths don’t get fed”. 

The above statement indicates that every startup needs a form of self promotion from its engineered person. 

The four distinctive reasons are why self promotion is needed; 

1. For a better understanding of your business 

2. A way to gather experience in your business  

3. A medium to know, reach and address your target audience 

4. The presence of feedback

 1.  For A Better Understanding Of Your Business.

By clearly stating what you do, there’s a clearer understanding to your business to persons. People gain clarity as you explain your business outlook, its pros and cons, benefits and need for it in society. There are no vague presence to your business when there is clarity.

 2. A Way To Gather Experience In Your Business

You gather a wealth of experience through self promotion. You know how to navigate and see successes in your future businesses and also serve as a mentor/inspiration to coming startups. 

 3. A Medium To Know, Reach And Address Your Target Audience 

Through self promotion you know how to know, reach and address your target audience. There’s a form of identification to the persons you wish to meet and also, how to identify their needs and wants with your startup. Many build and leverage on the results of self promotion as they grow.

 4. The Presence Of Feedback

There are forms of feedback which can serve you as a sense of help. These can help you identify your weak links and also, amend it. They’re shades of help in disguise and also, could help you with forerunners to boost your business. 

Do not be like Akin today. Get your hands dirty, your mouths walking and promote yourself. Just as aforementioned by Salem King, “Closed mouths don’t get fed”.PS: Akin is a fictional character.