How to Boost Social Media Engagement Through Giveaways

According to the statistics of January 2021, there were 33 million persons on the social media. This number increased by 6.0 million (+22%)  between 2020 and 2021. The facts and numbers are encouraging – clearly showcasing that there are more people who in the coming years would be interested in joining the trend of events.

The social media has been an advocacy for sales promotion, advertising and marketing. Although many are interested in what you sell, not many engage what you sell. Why? The level of engagement seems to be seemingly low. A thread of uninterested can be seen in terms of likes, comments, shares and views. Although innovations like fleets, reels and stories have been introduced across the major social and instant messaging networks, many would rather “waka pass” than rather pay attention to it.

How can we change the above problems? GIVEAWAYS.

Giveaways are forms of rewards giving to chosen people either at selection or faster fingers. It is one of the many means to boost engagements across the social media. Sometimes it takes the form of a reward from an event.

An Instagram account identified as @dimejistories revealed that his engagement grew the moment he started rewarding his readers either by using their names for stories or giving them a trophy for the been the first comment section. (Read more here ) Many are relative to this. Employing such mechanism can aid your startup gain the attraction required.

The African (or rather Nigerian) saying of “Givers never lack” can be practically implemented and yield results here.

Have you been seeking to boost your brand/startup/business engagement on the internet, try giving a little reward today.