Why You Need To Be At The JuniorX Innovation Academy Launch Tomorrow

The introduction of technology into a younger demography has been one that has been of concern. Training up children from ages 8 and above are a means of “arming them” to be tech savvy, well equipped and hopefully, creating a more sustainable means of been self-employed for the journey ahead.

Innovations such as the Kids Code Club Africa, PICTDA’s rural tech program, uLesson’s DevKids, have provided inclusion for kids to be able to explore digital skills.

JuniorX Innovation Academy will focus on equipping kids from ages of 8-15 on the basics of robotics, programming, computing and next generation science standard (NGSS).

Scheduled to launch on the 27th of November, 2021 by 3pm at the EYN Tech Centre, Club road, Jos, the after-school academy of science and innovation will enable the participants to be relevant in the future of work.

Eno Peters, the project manager told CrestHub that “the academy is subdivided into three age groups; 8-10, 10-12 and 12-15”

“Learning these skills already positions you to work for the global community. We are in a season where young Nigerians don’t need to travel to work; remote jobs are present in the field of IT, critical thinking, creative thinking and lots more. These kids would be armed with the right tools to get these jobs”, Miss Peter said.

Aside from learning these skills, the hub will also enable the kids to network with other professionals and will build an innovative project at the end of the programme.

This Saturday at the launch, a Professor of Computer Science and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, Professor Tanko Ishaya will deliver a keynote speech on “Global Science, Technology and Innovation and the Future of Education”.