What We Intend to Achieve With CRESTHUB.

On this day last week, I was somewhere in a rural community in North Central Nigeria, trying to gather information about a social response story that I am still working on. It was on the same day that CRESTHUB began publication after a long break. 

Prior to that day, I asked a friend to help me set up a team of four to five writers who will cover technology news in Plateau state, and on preference basis write in-depth analysis or comments on tech, startup and entrepreneurship. 

Yeah! We got a team, mostly of creative writers who were making their debut in journalistic writing. So, It’s a learning process for each and everyone of us on the team, we will get better as we move forward.

One week down the line, we have had challenges, two writers left, the other was replaced but the other was not. We just made a decision to stick with four people for a start. Our objective at CRESTHUB is to tell the story of underreported startups and founders in Jos and the rest of Plateau state. 

Tech reporting in Nigeria has focused on Lagos, Abuja and other commercial hubs, with less or no attention on emerging ecosystems like Plateau State. Everyday on the Plateau, we are confronted with numerous challenges that can discourage brands to rethink their decision of doing business here. In the midst of these challenges, we cannot ignore the efforts of founders who are working tirelessly to ensure that they thrive, as well as the Plateau State Information and Communication Technology Development Agency’s effort in creating and implementing policies and projects that will make Plateau State become a viable home for startups in Africa.

Let us write our narrative by ourselves. Our team of writers is made up of young undergraduates based in Jos, Nigeria (like myself) who are learning on the job, and ensuring that they come up with stories that would be of relevance to both Plateau State and the global community.

We intend to become the hub for authentic and authoritative information that has to do with tech on the Plateau, in Nigeria and beyond.

Feel free to share a story tip with us and we will be glad to tell the story. Subsequently, we will let you know how you can be a guest writer on the blog. 

Let’s make it happen!

Johnstone Kpilaakaa

Editor-in-Chief, CRESTHUB.com

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