Unlimint Seeks To Offer Financial Aids to SMEs Across Africa

In its bid to increase its digital presence and expand the company’s clientele to SMEs across Africa, global fintech company, Unlimint – a global fintech company that provides innovators with a simple business interface that enables payments to move seamlessly has announced plans to launch its own eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs by the end of 2022.

The proposed launch, which is coming at a time when the eCommerce industry is experiencing growth, signifies a new chapter in the company’s business development strategy in line with its mission geared towards getting ready for the future.

Alex Antonov, Chief Product Officer, Unlimint stated that the world has changed but developing countries still require high-quality tools for their businesses while European merchants have easy access to any type of solution they need.

“That’s why we have set ourselves on a mission – make eCommerce affordable and available for merchants worldwide and allow them to earn an unlimited amount of money, selling their goods online, without marketplaces and other middlemen,” he said.

Antonov further added that the company believes in a free market and is certain that the internet still has space for new sellers, as the availability of choice and competition at the end of the day makes the end customer happier.

“To make our mission a reality, we are creating a product that will allow anyone to open their own online business, without big budgets and programming skills. Our product will be self-sufficient, comfortable, reliable, and honest, one that we would want to use ourselves and would recommend to our friends and partners”.

Similarly, Kirill Evstratov, CEO, said that the eCommerce platforms that currently exist in developed countries offer an entry threshold that is quite high for merchants in developing countries, while marketplaces are either unavailable or provide conditions that limit the business’ expansion.

Evstratov said, “We are entering a highly competitive market that has several strong players. Nevertheless, we are certain that our product has a clear target audience, as we are focusing it on developing markets, where current industry leaders are still not dominating because their services aren’t always customized for the local audience’s needs.

“We are ready to offer a pricing model that will make our product more interesting to that audience. We are ready to offer more profitable options of cooperation than our competitors”.

Evstratov noted that their products will include all the functions needed to start doing business online and it will be a one-stop-shop solution that eliminates any other additional external products.