Uber Launches “Uber Connect”, Begins Operations In Lagos

Uber – a ride sharing app has launched a view same-day delivery service with plans to provide a cost-effective, on-demand, and no-contact delivery solution beginning operations in Lagos.

The service named “Uber Connect” is one that is meant to take full advantage of the activeness of the Uber’s platform to effectively and efficiently convey parcels and goods from one consumer or small business to another in Lagos.

Following reports from the business data platform, Statista, the e-commerce and last-mile delivery sector in Nigeria continue to attract strong investments and is expected to grow by about 11% by the closure of 2025. This step by Uber would however aid in the growth and development of the sector in the proposed year to come.

The service which would be run by dispatch drivers would be able to tackle the traffic challenges often faced in city of excellence, Lagos state.

Uber’s Comment On The Uber Connect

Tope Akinwumi, the country manager for Uber Nigeria noted that the platform has transformed beyond giving ride-hailing functions to include meeting the growing demands of the people.

Akinwumi said “The benefits of Uber’s technology platform extend beyond the actual ride-sharing abilities of Uber. With the growth of on-demand deliveries rising due to the integration of digital technology, we have adapted our platform to meet the evolving needs of the communities we serve, while providing new revenue streams and earning opportunities for drivers.”

Easy To Use Steps For The Uber Connect

• Package the items in a sealed box or bag, clean the surfaces with disinfectant.

• Tell your driver-partner ‘Where to?’ on your Uber app.

• Choose Uber Connect as the ride.

• Follow the notifications: You’ll get notifications providing instructions on how to help ensure a smooth pickup and when your driver-partner is arriving, just as you would with an UberX trip. As you see the motorbike approach in the app, you should head outside and load your item into the motorbike’s top box.

• Share the trip status with up to 5 people on your contact list. One of these should be the recipient so they can easily monitor the delivery’s progress.