Student entrepreneurs often close down their “businesses” after a few months; sometimes, a few weeks. Those who have been in those shoes tend to offer the wrong advice to upcoming entrepreneurs but trust me, despite the trend, a few aspiring entrepreneurs are still making it. The question now is, what do they do differently?

1. CONSISTENCY: Yes! Most of us know this one important attribute but not many have it. You should have carefully allocated time for your studies as well as your work before starting so as not to make one suffer because of the other. When your absenteeism or nonavailability of your so-called goods become a regular thing, you’ll NEVER have regular costumers.

2. GOOD SPEAKING MANNERS: Right now, this is not for students alone. Every person that must carry out transactions must be nice and homely. Have you ever been in a bank and the Customer Care Rep doesn’t reply your greetings? Yea! That feeling is mutual.

3. HIGH INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT: It may really sound weird but, yes! You have to have a high IQ. That does not go to say that if you’re not very academically bright, then you cannot run a successful business. As a student entrepreneur, you may be faced with problems/difficulties that require immediate attention; your ability to make a quick comparison in your mind about the possible ways out & then picking the best option, goes a long way in determining how far your business will go.

So, how do you improve & increase your IQ? Don’t be too busy that you can’t relax. Play games(I don’t mean nasty games you play with people). Research has shown that games like Chess, Scrabble, Ludo (and even some of our phone games like Sudoku) boost one’s thinking and ability to take the right decisions. Also read books, try to answer puzzles and riddles, don’t be too fast to browse or check meanings in the dictionary; try to figure the answers out yourself first.

4. GO THE EXTRA MILE: This may require a lot of sacrifices but if you want your growth to be a geometric progression(I hope you still know your AP and GP), it is NECESSARY. Going the extra mile may include giving gift items as bonus, giving free service to the first whatever-number in a day or any other thing your brilliant mind can come up with.

5. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Your eagerness to work, optimism, hard work and faith in God are the most essential things. Don’t miss anyone of them.

If you have more, we’ll like to see them.


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