NACABS Partner With Swedish Embassy For Digital Educational Migration

The management of NACABS Polytechnic, a privately owned polytechnic in North Central Nigeria on Friday met with the Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria, Carl Micheal over the need for the implementation of digital educational migration in the region.

Speaking with CRESTHUB, Mr. Agbutun Abuluya, a lecturer with the institution, indicated that the decision towards the migration was due to the uncertainties created by COVID-19.

Digital educational migration is the shift from an analogue practice of teaching and learning to a more digital and broadband phase.

According to experts, there is need for digital educational migration, following that more can be achieved with remote sessions, not just the conventional face-to-face learning.

Also, such migration is done to bridge the gap in the advent of any crisis – for example, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Mr. Abuluya regarded the digital educational migration as the safest move to make, seeing that the migration would create a more improved means of learning, teaching and remotely running assessments from Akwanga to any part of the world.

Responding on what models would be employed for the digital migration, Mr. Abuluya said, “There are special platforms designed by companies; although I can’t reveal their names yet.“These platforms have been designed specifically for the digitisation of education to make the learning process swift, smooth and easy”.