How Social Media Has Shaped Our Perspectives towards Relationships

For many people, having a good and stable relationship goes beyond the usual pleasantries partners have with themselves every day.

And now, technology is changing the way we meet and date today. There are so many harsh realities accompanied with dating in our generation.

Many of us have had our fair shares of relationships, online flings and even boys or girls who promised to call back but never did. Some we meet via social media, others not.

We could literally whip out our phones and find a date online faster than we can complete a school assignment that’s due. Even when we’re already in relationships, the internet still interferes because we have to keep in touch with our partners.

Social Media Takes Away the Mystery

Technology has radically invaded every aspect of our lives. Even dating and relationships have been swallowed and transformed by it.

One upon a time, singles who were looking for potential partners for a relationship had a limited range of options available to them. People would actually want to go out and make conversations with people but now social media does all the talking for us. There are sites for everything.

The world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp is changing the very foundation of ways we connect to people around the world. The internet makes us subject to contagious emotional effects.

Before social media, singles would take their time to get to know their respective partners, but the internet has taken away most of these possibilities.

How Drastic Are the Effects?

We’ve gotten so attached to new technology that most of the time we can’t clearly see that it creates unrealistic expectations. Research has also shown that couples that follow each other on social media have cases of increased jealousy and relationship dissatisfaction.

Most people get so upset whenever they see their partners posting, liking or commenting on other people’s posts, it gives them the impression that they are interested in other people.

We also tend to log in more and go out less, literally! Dating in this digital age has also put so much pressure on us to always create a look of ‘perfection’ and find the ‘perfect partner’.

When communication is done primarily online, it is easier to hide who we really are and our whole identity. Social media is a tool, not a replacement for personal interaction. You can’t fully understand someone or build trust and openness if everything we do is shaped solely via chats and emails. It can be intoxicating.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the internet has gradually begun to steal the fun and excitement accompanied with romantic relationships, it isn’t 100% an enemy.

For example, a couple who for one reason or the other find themselves living apart over a really long distance, social media can help them cope because they can talk, text and see each other through video calls. This can provide some sort of comfort. It can also deepen appreciation for history with your partner.

What does this mean?

Some social media platforms like Facebook have a feature called ‘Facebook Memories’. This allows you to relive your relationship, from the beginning all the way to the present day, thus, helps you appreciate how far you and your partner have come as a couple- see it as memory lane but in digital form.

Everyone has their perspectives on these things. But is social media really ruining how we socialize? Dating and relationships will actually never be the same way it was in the days of old. A lot has changed, and there will always be the good and the bad sides. It’s left to us to decide the roles we want technology to play in our lives.

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