How Helium Health is Using Technology to Advance Africa’s Healthcare

In Africa, especially Sub Saharan Africa, poor health information and paper-based health record system have proven to be one of the major challenges in the healthcare sector.

Many hospitals, despite the advancement in technology over the past few decades, have continued to maintain the manual system of keeping medical records which have shown to be ineffective and inefficient as it causes additional stress to the healthcare provider and patient. This is because the patient’s record is a storehouse that contains vital information about their medical history.

For better access to patients’ information and general improvement of healthcare, electronic health records must be implemented and adopted in this part of the world.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digitized way of keeping a patient’s medical chart which usually includes diagnosis, treatment and medication etc. It is an easier and more effective way of storing and organizing records containing large and diverse data of different patients in digital format.

EHR has become a necessity as it proffers digital solutions to one of the issues of the healthcare system all over the world, especially in Africa, like inaccessibility as many of today’s patients want quick access to their health records without being physically present at the hospital

There’s no reason that patients can’t have electronic access to their complete medical history… Just as people can check their bank account information online or using their ATM card, patients who want to should have electronic access to their medical records

Paul Ryan

In a bid to achieve this, Helium Health is using tech-driven innovation to facilitate the transformation of Africa’s healthcare system by simplifying access to health and empowering healthcare stakeholders using the right tools and data.

What is Helium Health?

Founded by three Nigerians, Tito Ovia, Adegoke Olubusi and Dimeji Sofowora, Helium Health is an African telemedicine company that seeks to revolutionize the continent’s healthcare sector by applying series of advanced technological solutions to the challenges associated with the system like poor, manual access to patients’ medical records and evidence-based tools that healthcare professionals can use to make decisions about a patient’s health status; inefficiency in managing medical and financial operations and digitalization.

Helium Health focuses on providing solutions to these groups of people:

  • Healthcare Providers: Tailored for emerging markets in the health sector and regardless of location and limitations to connectivity, Helium Health grants providers all the tools required to deliver the best healthcare to their patients, from clinical support and telehealth to operations and financial management. Helium health is used by over 5,000 health professionals.
  • Patients: Managing data of over 165,000 patients monthly across Sub Saharan Africa, Helium health helps to keep patients’ medical records in one place, making it easy to source, scan and book appointments.
  • Payers: Through modern-day technology and smart applications, payers are able to manage financial settlements and fund health services.
  • Partners: Helium health seeks to provide its partners interested in accelerating the healthcare sector in Africa with the right information and necessary tools to “gather real-world evidence and make important decisions such as allocating resources, managing population health or creating smart policy”

Helium is working to connect medical facilities and professionals in Africa and to solve the issues associated with the traditional method of keeping medical records. Its template is user friendly and records can be accessed easily by authorized users.