Google Chrome Users Need To Update Their Browsers Immediately

Google Chrome users have been urged by the company to update the web browser on their laptops or desktops immediately, to the newest version without any delay to avoid any attack by hackers.

This warning was published in Google’s new blog post, revealing several high rated vulnerabilities have now been found in Chrome which can lead to serious consequences.

The browser’s new stable channel to Chrome version ‘95.0.4638.69’ fixes eight security problems with two of them considered high-risk.

The company has assured that these issues have now been fixed, but only if Chrome users update their browsers.

Google confirmed that the upgraded version has been updated for certain PC brands which will roll out over the coming days or weeks.

What Do I Need To Do?
To update to the latest version, simply follow the steps below:

1. Open the Chrome Browser on your computer.

2.Navigate to Settings, click on Help, and then click on About Chrome.

The most recent version is 95.0.4638.69. If you are not using this Chrome version, you will be asked to upgrade and restart the software.

Once the update is available, your device will automatically start the download process, and you will be safe with the new version.