CRESTHUB Trains Writers on Leadership and Personal Development

In regards to curbing excesses in the 21st century workspace and newsroom, Nigeria’s technological and business media outfit, CRESTHUB organised a two-day leadership and personal development training program for its reporters.

The two day virtual training which was held on 23rd and 24th of September was facilitated by Shalom Ernest, the Founder of Youth Making Impact – a fast growing leadership community in Northern Nigeria.

According to Mr Ernest, there should be investment in persons and not just the structures that make up an organization.

He said, “Without the people, the organization is just a structure. You don’t build a structure, you build people”. Also, he added that leadership had three mastery levels to it – that is self, relationship and business.

He further made an allusion to the MR. NIGER L which meant, movement, respiration, nutrition, irritability, growth, excretion, reproduction and live – on which were all necessary tools for effective leadership in and around an office environment.

Speaking during the workshop, Johnstone Kpilaakaa, the Editor in Chief at CRESTHUB emphasised the need on communication as it is a tool for growth as a person and an organisation.

In response to the training, Shalom Oyero, a staff writer with CRESTHUB commended the lead speaker Mr. Ernest and also added that her take home points and assignments would be to communicate effectively with fellow team members and also practice the skill of communication. She said, “It was a real eye opener to a lot of things. Just as earlier stated on the issue of communicating effectively with members of the team, I have learnt a lot and I am willing to put it into practice”.

In another remark, Cynthia Chukwuma, a staff writer at CRESTHUB noted that the session exposed her mind to how negative poor communication can affect the growth of an organisation. In her words, “I know this training was supposed to center majorly on leadership, but my favourite bit was the effective communication part. Embarrassing to say, but it’s one of the many things I struggle with, like y’all know and this session has opened my mind to how negative poor communication can affect the growth of an organization”.