6 Reasons Why Blogs Fail

Traditionally created as an open diary for people to write, share and let the world know have an insight to their daily activities, blogs have been a part of the social strata of human relationships. The “open diaries” which is also meant for conversation and distribution have been used to inform, educate, entertain and enlighten a number of persons or group of persons in an immediate community of readers or an extended one. 

Many have begun the race towards creating, owning and maintaining blogs. With free sites such as wordpress.comwix.com, blogger and a host of other blog sites, an individual or group of persons can create, use and maintain a blog in the 21st century. 

As at March 2021, it was revealed that 8 out of 10 new blogs that’d be created this year would crash and burn in the next 18 months; that is, 80% of all new blogs would fail (source: www.astutecopyblogging.com). If 8 out of 10 blogs would fail, what are the reasons? Why would a lucrative business as this hit an ice berg? Are there no readers? Zero attentiveness or were they ill prepared or not fully aware of the workload involved? 
Below are 6 major reasons as to why blogs fail;

1.  Quality written contents without sharing 

2. Inconsistency 

3. Lack of objectives 

4. Blogging is easy and free 

5. Having no opt in or subscription form 

6. The need to get-rich-quick


Daily, there are influx of contents; stories, poems, articles, features, editorials and lots more creatively drafted and written but in the real sense, not many are been properly distributed. The adequate use of social media networking platforms and also, that of instant messaging can be very pivotal to the growth of blogs but many rarely use them. They’re left on the blogs unshared, thereby leading to a point of failure. 


Consistency is a discipline. One that involves you doing the right thing at the right time without been prompted to do it, either by cajoling or coercion. Many bloggers are inconsistent. There are no defined timetables, just a “post when the spirit leads” approach towards that. It takes an effective pen to always create a sellable story, but many are confined to the laxity of “inspiration” before working. You don’t put on your hands on the plough and stop ploughing the lands halfway. If you do not wish to do it, do not start it. 


Having an objectivity towards what your blog would be known for is key. You define your content, gain your audience or reader’s trust and then, make an impact with your blog. Many blogs today have zero objectivity. No spelt out reasons as to why they do things, what they do and to whom they’re doing things for. Today, it is entertainment, tomorrow, sports and a day after an agro based content. This distracts your audience, thus, the need for proper objectivity before starting a blog. 


The thoughts that since blogging is free, hence, it is easy to run and operate has led to the failure of a lot of blogs. You may have a free site to create your blog, but do you have a free brain to run it? Do not key into the logic of it is free, so, it is easy.


Many blogs today have no opt in or subscription forms for people to stay abreast and up to date with their news/blog stories. Opt ins such as call to actions or prompts should compliment subscription forms that’d be at the end of every blog post or story written. 


The mentality of, “money dey this thing, so e suppose pay me quick” has led to the end of many blogs. There has been notable persons who have made it big from blogging. Individuals and startups have craved out their masterpieces and made millions from blogging, but was it a one hit wonder? No! It took time. Most bloggers are eager to make their money quick from blogging when they’ve failed already with the enumerated points as earlier stated from one to five. A record of three years is meant to be attained successfully and uninterrupted before one can be defined or appraised or appreciated with the “funds” he so deserves for blogging. 

The above 6 are the major reasons as to why blogs fail. Doing the opposite of this would aid your blogs in laying a solid foundation and building on it. There are reasons to grow, and there reasons to fail, you have a reason to pick which you wish.